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At The Flooring Installers, we understand how important resin flooring can be. Offering a huge range of floor types in Cringletie, we aim to provide rein flooring solutions for any environment.

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Who Are We?

We are one of the UK's leading resin flooring installers, operating throughout the UK and providing our resin flooring solutions to countless clients in Cringletie - residential, commercial and industrial.

Why Use Us?

As one of the UK's most notable domestic resin flooring companies, we understand how to find and install the ideal flooring solutions for each client.

Cringletie Resin Flooring Installers

We have years of experience in the resin flooring industry, and understand how to get a suitable resin flooring option installed for each type of client we take on.

High Quality

Our resin flooring is created to the highest possible standard of quality, no matter how it's planned to be used.

Excellent Service

We pride ourselves on offering flexible, efficient service in an industry where delays can be all too common.

Seamless Installation

We aim to install our resin flooring seamlessly, making the process as simple as possible while still pushing for maximum quality.

Supply Connections

We maintain steady connections to suppliers in Cringletie, allowing us to supply resin flooring whenever the client needs it.

Versatile Styles

We can install resin flooring to a range of specifications and styles, whether that means traditional flooring aesthetics or a complete contemporary overhaul of a commercial space's flooring.

Not only can we mesh resin flooring with traditional flooring in a seamless manner, but we try to make this seamless switch not take away from whatever traditional flooring options you may already have in the same spaces.


We can supply resin flooring for almost any project, from simple flooring needs to unique pool surrounds and industrial interior spaces.

Past Clients

Our past clients have all walked away happy with the flooring we have installed, no matter the scale of the project.

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Resin Flooring Cost Cringletie

On average, resin flooring costs around £7 to £15 per metre squared. However, we can offer a wide range of flooring solutions at varying price points, ensuring that you can always get floors you're happy with while not pushing yourself over your own budget.

Cost Options

We work with our Cringletie clients to find the ideal floor option for them, taking cost into account along with many, many other factors. We stock a range of cheaper options for low-budget flooring, as well as more expensive and specialised variants meant for particular purposes.

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Cringletie Commercial Resin Flooring

A lot of our resin flooring is perfect for any commercial environment, providing all of the style and support you would need to keep both employees and customers happy. Regardless of industry, we can offer resin flooring that bolsters slip resistance and general safety, as well as hygiene and employee comfort.

Industrial Resin Flooring

We can also offer industrial resin flooring solutions, which cane an ideal option for an industrial business that requires greater safety and hygiene standards for its employees and equipment.

Cringletie Domestic Resin Flooring

We also provide a lot of domestic resin flooring, making sure that our flooring solutions can work in homes as well as a commercial or industrial environment. Our flooring works wonders in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas were weaker flooring types may not be suitable in the long-term.

Resin Flooring Benefits

Our Cringletie resin flooring can provide a whole host of benefits, many of which make them suitable as both commercial and domestic resin flooring solutions. Some of the core benefits offered by our flooring options include:


Our resin floor options are designed for maximum durability, allowing them to survive in even the toughest industrial conditions with minimal damage.


We make sure that our floors can withstand constant use for longer than other floor material options, doing our best to guarantee a long lifespan whenever possible.


Our resin flooring is flexible upon installation, but still offers great strength once in place. This allows installation to go ahead easily, even in spaces with uneven or ramping flooring.

Abrasion Resistance

All of our resin flooring is resistant to abrasion and long-term physical damage, making it ideal for use with heavy equipment.

Chemical Resistance

We can provide chemical-resistant resin floor solutions that can withstand a range of chemicals, stains, spills, and other potential hazards. Not only do these become easy to clean up, but the floors themselves don't wear down easily, allowing for even more reliability as a whole.

Slip Resistance

We ensure that our resin floor options are able to prevent slipping as often as possible, keeping the people walking across it safe from unexpected falls. This becomes especially important on raised floors and platforms, ramps, stairways, or other spaces with a noticeable falling hazard.

Damage Resistance

We created our resin floor range with the goal of preventing as much damage as possible. Both our domestic and commercial resin floor lines can withstand a lot of punishment while still working effectively.


In commercial and residential kitchens in Cringletie (or other areas that require clean equipment and handling), we can guarantee a commitment towards good hygiene through our resin floor range.


We treat safety as a top priority for all of our commercial and domestic resin floors, trying to minimize risk whenever possible.


We can manage ongoing support and maintenance for the floor post-installation, making sure that we keep your floors up to their expected standards as needed.


From floor screen details to finishes, we work with a lot of elements that can change how each resin floor looks and feels.

Seamless Installation

We make sure that each flooring project we install in seamless. This means seamless screed options (and screed installation), seamless designs, and a commitment to providing seamless installation even between different sections of flooring.

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Should I Choose Resin Flooring?

Our Cringletie resin flooring can suit a huge range of different purposes, all while remaining affordable and durable compared to other floor options. Whether you want them to replace contemporary domestic flooring or as complex pool surrounds, we can provide the seamless resin floor you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a resin floor the same as epoxy?

Epoxy resin is just one of the many kinds of resin floor we can install. It's also one of the most often installed in industry and domestic spaces alike, offering some great benefits for interior floors. However, our full range of resin floor options includes more than just epoxy resin.

Do resin floors crack?

Our resin floors are designed to be seamless and crack-free, with only the most significant and excessive damage causing any direct cracks in the surface. We can even use a screed to provide seamless connections to the walls touching those floors.

Is resin good for flooring?

A resin flooring installation can be a great option for both domestic and commercial/retail spaces, with domestic resin flooring being a popular choice for many homeowners.

Is a resin floor cheaper than concrete?

Our resin flooring range tends to be cheaper than concrete, from both the initial purchase to the installation process.

How long do resin floors last?

Proper installation and maintenance of resin floors can see them last anywhere from 3 years to 20 years, depending on the resin type. We can install seamless resin floor - complete with screed work and a proper coating - to ensure that it remains installed properly and undamaged for as long as possible.

Are resin floors slippery when wet?

Resin flooring tends to be slippery when wet. However, we have ways to prevent that, allowing resin to be used as pool surrounds or other surfaces that are regularly wet. Our anti-slip measures can work for industrial spaces, pool surrounds (and near-pool surfaces), or even to deal with spills in supermarket aisles.

Is resin flooring cheap?

We stock a range of cheap and reliable resin flooring options, all of which can be perfect for easy installation of a durable and seamless flooring surface. It doesn't cost much to get these floors installed, and they require very little maintenance.

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We can offer and install a huge variety of seamless traditional, domestic, contemporary, commercial, retail and industrial flooring options in Cringletie. All of our resin flooring is meant to be as high-quality as possible, and we use a wide variety of tools and techniques to achieve that goal as often as we can.

Whatever your flooring needs, we're able to arrange affordable and hassle-free installation, working with each client to give them what they want. We can even produce bespoke flooring arrangements for clients as needed.

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If you're looking to get a brand new flooring installation, or just want to replace an existing flooring material that you already have installed, contact us to learn more about what we can offer.

Our experts can provide seamless domestic, commercial and industrial resin flooring installation, all tailored to the client's resin flooring needs and requirements. Contact our Cringletie experts to learn more about how we can help you get the flooring you're looking for.

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