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We are a leading flooring installation company based in Pembrokeshire and serve clients across the nation. Our company offers a range of services and specialises in hospital flooring, working with both NHS and private clients nationwide.

As a leading company, we have a great deal of hospital flooring options to suit your needs and have many years of experience in this work. This means that we can provide the right flooring to those in the healthcare industry, offering sustainable design and durability where it is needed most.

Hospital vinyl flooring in Pembrokeshire is designed to withstand the everyday pressures that healthcare facilities experience, such as heavy foot traffic and machinery, and we can install it to the best standards.

If you are looking to replace your hospital flooring or need new hospital vinyl flooring options, then you have come to the right place. Our team is happy to help in anyway we can.

Please contact the team today to learn more and see how we can help.

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Who Are The Flooring Installers?

We are a leading flooring installation company that specialises in hospital flooring. We provide vinyl flooring options to healthcare facilities across the UK, working with the NHS and private healthcare providers.

Our Pembrokeshire hospital flooring options are made using a luxury vinyl tile to ensure durability. We can also provide rubber flooring and other forms of safety flooring to our clients with the proper installation.

You can find our work on hospital floors, operating theatres, and other health centres across the nation. We ensure a safe environment with our flooring products every time.

Why Use The Flooring Installers?

The Flooring Installers is a leading flooring installation company based in the UK. We offer flooring solutions for healthcare centres across the nation, providing the surfacing for hospital floors and all other forms of healthcare flooring.

Our company has been working in this industry for many years, giving us experience with all kinds of clients including private and NHS. Working primarily with sheet vinyl flooring, we offer a durable and safe environment with our Pembrokeshire flooring options.

We have worked in all kinds of healthcare settings, ensuring we can meet the needs of all our clients and provide the best service possible.

Pembrokeshire Hospital Flooring Installers

Our company has been providing hospital vinyl flooring for many years. During this time we have worked with all kinds of facilities across the UK, ensuring we can meet all needs.

We work to provide luxury vinyl tile, rubber flooring and other safety surfaces to healthcare centres across the country. You can find our healthcare flooring in all kinds of healthcare settings such as patient rooms, operating rooms, and waiting rooms in all regions.

We provide hospitals with low maintenance and durable flooring, which can meet the high load requirements of these locations.

Our company works with the industry approved installation methods, ensuring our extremely durable hospital vinyl flooring will last a long time and provide the care you need.

We have multiple flooring options, including hospital vinyl flooring and rubber flooring which are installed to meet industry standards, including Floorscore which is the rating system developed by the Scientific Certification Systems and Resilient Floor Covering Institute.

The rating system developed by these authorities is one of the most popular rating systems out there and evaluates flooring for VOC emission levels and indoor air quality. It also assesses and compliance of vinyl flooring in other rating systems.

Due to our experience, we can meet these standards every time and work with the best tools in the business.

If you are interested in getting hospital flooring in Pembrokeshire, then we can help. Please contact the team today to see what we can do for you.

Hospital Flooring Installers in

Hospital Flooring Cost Pembrokeshire

The average cost of hospital flooring in the UK starts at £15 per 23.00 m square.

The total cost of flooring will vary based on several factors, including:

  • the size

  • the materials used

  • location

We provide a range of flooring options for hospitals and aim to provide the best price for our clients. If you are interested in the work we do and want to learn more, please contact the team today and get a quote.

Hospital Flooring Installers in

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Hospital Flooring Types

As a leading flooring installation company, we can work with all kinds of clients and provide flooring to hospitals across the nation.

Our flooring can be found in various areas in hospitals across the UK and we use multiple materials to ensure we can meet all needs. Our floors come in the following materials:

Luxury Vinyl Tile Pembrokeshire

This is a resilient flooring used commonly in hospitals and is one of the most popular products used today for this purpose. This kind of floor is easy to install and is highly durable, as it is essentially waterproof.

Luxury vinyl tile is a great floor to use in high traffic areas throughout hospitals, like waiting rooms. Vinyl is a great option for hospitals and similar locations because not only is it durable, but it can also come in a range of finishes and colours.

Vinyl can be printed to suit the needs of your hospital and there are almost unlimited possibilities.

Sheet Vinyl Pembrokeshire

Sheet vinyl flooring comes in rolls and installation is done to prevent seams from appearing, meaning this is a good option in rooms where appearances matter. As well as different size of vinyl rolls, this kind of flooring also comes in varying thickness to provide comfort underfoot when needed.

Sheet vinyl flooring has long been used in hospitals across the country. Vinyl floors of all categories, including sheet vinyl, are a staple in this industry because it is extremely durable and well as being low maintenance. The construction is fast and easy, as the vinyl can be laid in one sheet and over existing wood or tile flooring.

Sheet vinyl floors are very easy to keep clean and to disinfect when required, which is why it is one of the best materials for hospital floors. Sheet vinyl comes with the added benefit of being easy to install, which is why it is a great option for healthcare flooring.

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Pembrokeshire

This kind of vinyl is a healthy and sustainable design that is made using a natural material.

These vinyl floors offer the same benefits as any other, such as being low maintenance and durable which is why it is a great healthcare flooring as well as being sustainable. This kind of flooring is usually made from a combination of natural limestone, fillers, and colour pigments.

We can provide these vinyl floors in all kinds of colours and all will be installed to offer high levels of durability.

Rubber Pembrokeshire

Rubber is one of the most popular materials used for hospital floors along with vinyl because it can elevate interiors with its seamless design, like sheet vinyl, while also being durable.

These kinds of materials are versatile as they come in a range of finishes and colours, suiting the need of hospital rooms. Rubber floors are dense and have a good thickness to them which not only makes them comfortable to walk on but also durable enough for high traffic areas. It is does not require maintenance as it is easy to keep clean, which is ideal for healthcare flooring.

Linoleum Pembrokeshire

Similar to vinyl, lino flooring offers a great range of benefits to hospital in terms of maintenance and durability.

While it is not used as commonly as vinyl or other flooring options anymore, lino still has a lot to offer hospitals and can be a good replacement flooring solution. With little maintenance required and quick construction, these kinds of materials are ideal for busy healthcare facilities that need new flooring.

Lino can be installed over existing flooring, such as wood or tile, to provide additional protection and always has little construction required.

We can install any of these materials in hospitals across the country to the industry standards. We work to meet the flooring rating system developed by the US Green Building Council which is the best practices guide for sustainable construction and operation within healthcare centres.

Our hospital vinyl flooring is used in all kinds of rooms within these facilities, including operating rooms, patients rooms and waiting rooms. We understand that all of these need to be durable and withstand heavy foot traffic, which is why we work to meet industry standards and rating systems.

If you are looking for new flooring for a hospital in Pembrokeshire, please contact the team today so we can help.

Hospital Flooring Installers in

Hospital Flooring Manufacturers

We work with the best manufacturers in the business for our hospital vinyl flooring to ensure the highest quality every time. Not only do we meet industry standards for the construction and installation of our flooring, but we also use top manufacturers for the products themselves.

We work with developers who takes evidence based design into consideration when it comes to making their products. This means they create floor surfaces that are specifically designed for healthcare settings, offering everything our clients need.

Within this evidence based design, the flooring we install in operating rooms, waiting rooms and patient rooms across the country have an easy maintenance, extreme durability and can be installed with minimal construction. We also work to meet the ecoScoreCard which is a composite tool showing which flooring systems comply with these rating systems which is evident from the manufacturing services we use.

Our manufacturers create flooring specifically for our hospital clients which is how we can offer the best solutions in the business. All of this is done in Pembrokeshire and we can work with any hospital across the UK who requires new flooring.

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Hospital Flooring Benefits

There are many benefits that come with our hospital vinyl flooring and we aim to provide the best service to all our clients every time.

Our Pembrokeshire hospital flooring options are designed to industry standards and are used to create a safe environment in all kind of hospital rooms, including patient rooms, waiting rooms and even operating rooms. There are many benefits that can come with hospital flooring like ours, including:


This is one of the biggest benefits that comes from our hospital flooring options because it is required by our clients. Our vinyl tile and sheet flooring is made to withstand high levels of foot traffic as well as the heavy machinery that is used throughout the hospital.

Every floor we install in Pembrokeshire is made to last and can be used for years to come in all rooms throughout the hospital.

Easy Maintenance

We understand that working in a hospital means there is always something to do which means tasks cannot take a long time to complete. Likewise, it is vital for these facilities to remain hygienic which is why every floor we provide is made for easy maintenance.

Our hospital vinyl flooring is made to be easy to clean and disinfect, which allows you to create a safe working environment without taking up too much time. It can be made to be stain resistant as well to make cleaning even easier.

Likewise, the installation of hospital vinyl flooring as well as any other floor we can provide is made to be easy so you can continue working as we install.

Varying Designs and Colours

Our hospital vinyl flooring in Pembrokeshire can come in a range of colours and finishes to suit the need of our clients. As our floor can be used in all rooms throughout the hospital, we understand that each one needs to look different.

Vinyl flooring is very easy to design and we can offer a range of finishes, colours and designs to suit your needs. These additional designs can contribute to the cost of your floor installation and we work with all needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flooring is best for hospital?

There are several kinds of floor that can be used in a hospital but as a leading installer we would recommend hospital vinyl flooring for most of our clients.

What is the best flooring material for a health clinic?

The best flooring for a heath clinic will be something durable, comfortable and that can withstand heavy traffic. This kind of flooring needs to be easy to clean, meaning rubber or vinyl is the best.

Why do hospitals use linoleum?

There are many benefits that come from using lino flooring in patient rooms, wards and waiting rooms throughout the hospitals such as the durability it provides. Lino is also easy to install, comfortable to walk on and can come in a range of designs to suit he needs of the hospital.

What is a general medical floor?

A general medical floor, commonly shown by the abbreviation GMF, is the part of the hospital that acts as a catch-all area. This is where patients who do not require critical care or other speciality units are seen by medical professionals.

Hospital Flooring Installers in

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We are a leading provider of flooring solutions for hospitals and medical facilities across the UK. Our company has worked with all kinds of clients over the years and continues to provide the best service in the field for medical centres.

We can provide new flooring to your facility or offer replacement floors based on your needs. Our company offers multiple flooring solutions in Pembrokeshire, all of which are made by the top manufacturers.

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