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No matter the scale of your commercial kitchen, safety and hygiene are important. The right commercial kitchen or industrial kitchen flooring options can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your employees safe and protecting your customers' food from contamination.

At The Flooring Installers, we offer a wide range of commercial kitchen flooring options, all of which are carefully prepared to provide maximum quality. From ceramic tile flooring to vinyl flooring, we can deliver the right floor type for your commercial kitchen space.

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Who Are The Flooring Installers?

We are a professional flooring installation company with a wide variety of commercial kitchen flooring options on offer. Made up of industry professionals and specialists, we understand how to provide the right kind of commercial kitchen floor for each client's needs.

We understand how important the right flooring can be for any commercial kitchen and work to provide some of the best floorings for that niche in the entire UK. Our variety of flooring systems and materials allows us to pick out the ideal flooring options for each client based entirely on their unique needs and requirements.

Why Use The Flooring Installers?

Our skills and expertise within the commercial kitchen flooring niche have allowed us to build up relationships with major suppliers, ensuring that we can get the right commercial kitchen flooring ready for each client with minimal downtime. We also understand the finer points of preparing, installing and maintaining this type of flooring effectively.

With so many different flooring choices in stock, we can make sure that we are always choosing the right material and finish options for each client. Our huge range of different flooring types enables us to find an ideal solution for each situation rather than suggesting the same basic options over and over again.

Experienced Commercial Kitchen Flooring Installers

Thanks to our past work, we understand which commercial kitchen flooring options work best in each situation and can identify the best options for each space. Our experts understand the benefits and drawbacks of countless flooring types, picking out whichever options are most likely to meet our clients' bespoke needs.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Cost

The average cost of commercial kitchen flooring in the UK can vary heavily based on the type of flooring used. In general, the entire installation should cost anywhere between £400 and £1,000 as standard, although this is only a baseline estimate.

We work with each client to provide flooring that fits within their budgetary limits, making sure that they are not putting themselves over budget to get a flooring surface that they can rely on.

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Commercial Kitchen Flooring Types

We offer varying types of commercial kitchen flooring, with three core options dominating our list of options in stock. While we try to provide the best quality flooring possible for commercial kitchens, the overall type of flooring still makes a big difference in the end result.

Resin Flooring

Our resin flooring is one of the most commonly-used options we provide, with our stock containing all three subtypes: PMMA resin flooring, polyurethane resin flooring and epoxy flooring options.

All three of these have their own core benefits, but they work equally well for commercial kitchen flooring. For example, a polyurethane floor is very different to epoxy resin, even if the two are similar in certain aspects. Almost completely waterproof and easy to improve with better slip-resistant or chemically resistant materials, they can be a great choice for many commercial kitchen floors.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Our ceramic tile flooring options are durable and stain-resistance, providing a unique look while boasting a long lifespan even when being used daily. While they can have some problems with hygiene and installation times, we still know how to provide the right commercial kitchen floor for your needs.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are cheaper and far more disposable than resin flooring, but even the most basic vinyl floors still have their place. We can supply the right kinds of vinyl floor to meet your commercial kitchen flooring needs.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Manufacturers

As professional commercial kitchen flooring manufacturers, we understand how to choose the right materials for each job. Our expertise has made it easy for us to prepare, install, maintain, and test different flooring types to the best possible standards of quality, all while making sure that we are installing something the client can rely on.

Our range of commercial kitchen flooring options is carefully prepared and manufactured to ensure maximum quality and reliability. This means surface durability, maintenance requirements, hygiene standards, non-slip designs for wet conditions and enough protection to withstand constant use.

We can also adjust the installation work to suit the situation. For example, we work hard to eliminate any uneven section or flawed area of our flooring installation projects and will be able to choose the best finish for the situation based on the client's needs and the requirements of their commercial kitchens.

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Commercial Kitchen Flooring Benefits

We prepare our commercial kitchen floor options to provide as many benefits as possible, pushing for better flooring in a range of commercial kitchens across varying industries. We understand how important good kitchen floors can be and do our best to deliver something that can meet all of the client's requirements without pushing them over budget.

Our commercial kitchen flooring (whether that is commercial vinyl flooring, ceramic tile flooring or resin flooring) can all offer some important benefits for business owners.


We offer excellent hygiene standards, providing commercial kitchen floors that prevent microbial growth and will not harbour bacteria (especially harmful bacteria) within your kitchen. Not only that, but we make sure to keep cleaning simple, allowing your installed flooring to be cleaned quickly and kept fully hygienic to ensure food conformity and safety.

While each material handles bacterial growth differently, we make sure to prioritise hygiene whenever possible. Hygienic flooring and easy cleaning are two of the best ways to manage bacteria, and we want to offer hygienic materials that can tackle bacteria growth well with minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Slip Resistance

We provide a range of non-slip surfaces for maximum slip resistance. A slip-resistant floor can matter a lot in a commercial kitchen, especially when spills and stains are common. We design all floors to provide slip-resistant coating options and provide better safety in the kitchen. This not only makes our floors better at handling heavy traffic and busy places but also makes it easy for the kitchen staff to keep working straight after cleaning the surface.

Chemical Resistance

Alongside slip resistance, we focus on chemically-resistant materials, both as a way to prevent microbial growth from stains and to limit the damage caused by chemical spills. The variety of substances used in commercial kitchens means that standard floors can suffer heavy wear and tear over time, but we pride ourselves on limiting how much damage chemicals can do.

This also includes the ability to resist heat, part of our hard-wearing designs. Hot materials can leave permanent marks on concrete floor types or other commercial kitchen floors, and we try to eliminate the need to keep cleaning the floors to avoid heat damage or other major stains.

Wear and Tear

Our floors are extremely hard-wearing, able to withstand heavy wear and tear as well as severe impacts while requiring only basic cleaning and maintenance. We want to create durable commercial kitchen floors that can stand up to constant punishment, whether that is from heavy foot traffic in busy places or direct damage to the surface.

This is also meant to reduce the constant need for repairs and maintenance. Fewer repairs mean fewer repair costs, with our protective coating options offering good wear and tear protection. The surface underneath the coating is also relatively durable, making the hard-wearing surface even stronger.

Unique Characteristics

We try to offer a huge range of unique characteristics and options within our flooring for commercial kitchens. This could mean unique styles for commercial vinyl flooring or ceramic tiles that offer a special anti-slip surface. Whether they impact the aesthetics, safety or durability, we want to provide clients with more flexibility in the flooring they choose.

For example, we can create and install a resin flooring or vinyl flooring surface with a non-porous screed and proper seams at welded joints, providing even greater protection from bacteria and water. The resulting floor installation would be able to endure wet conditions and stains, fight off bacteria, improve employee safety and reduce the number of repairs required each year.

We understand that choosing flooring is a time-consuming process, and we aim to provide something worthwhile for each client. This might mean commercial vinyl flooring with anti-slip and heat-resistant materials or PMMA resin flooring that mimics the look of ceramic tile flooring. Whatever a client's needs, we do our best to meet them as effectively as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flooring is best for a commercial kitchen floor?

Epoxy and PMMA resin, ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring can all be very different when used in commercial kitchens. While we try to keep durability, safety, wet space management and other features the same, these materials are all very different.

Talk to our experts if you need help on choosing the right flooring for commercial kitchens. For example, vinyl flooring may be great for some commercial kitchens, while others should avoid specific types of vinyl flooring to get better results.

What type of tile is best for a commercial kitchen?

Ceramic tiles are one of the more popular tile options for commercial kitchens. They are stronger and better at anti-slip safety than stone, as well as being easier (and less time-consuming) to install and less slippery when wet. They can also cost less overall per tile.

What is the best non-slip kitchen flooring?

Vinyl flooring is usually the best anti-slip kitchen flooring option. However, we can improve our non-vinyl flooring with non-slip coats as needed, providing some flooring flexibility.

What is the easiest kitchen floor to maintain?

We try to keep all of our flooring and tile options easy to install and maintain. Ceramic tiles tend to be the easiest to manage, and tiles are also relatively easy to install. Once installed, these tiles can usually offer heat and wet spill resistance, providing a decent amount of durability. However, the smooth tiles themselves are easy to clean and maintain as a whole.

What is the most durable type of commercial flooring?

Epoxy resin flooring (usually with a non-porous coat) is generally considered to be the best option. Vinyl and polyurethane resin are also good, but neither vinyl nor polyurethane resin offers the same strength once installed. With a non-porous coat, epoxy resin can outpace both vinyl and polyurethane resin very easily.

What is the current trend for kitchen floors?

Tiles (as well as faux tiles made with polyurethane or epoxy resin) are the current trend. These are relatively easy to install and offer the strength and cost of resin with the look of standard tiles once installed.

What is the most popular kitchen flooring?

Tile is generally the most popular (and most installed) kitchen flooring option, with epoxy and polyurethane resin coming second and vinyl usually being third.

Other Services We Offer

We can also offer a range of other flooring services, including:

Airport Flooring, carefully prepared to work perfectly in airport spaces and designed with all of the usual anti-slip and safety measures in mind.

School Flooring, meant as a protective floor for students that can be installed in a range of colours and styles to suit the environment.

Factory Flooring, using materials like epoxy and polyurethane resin to ensure maximum floor safety and durability in industrial factory and plant settings. This can include heat resistance and other specialised additions, depending on the site.

Hospital Flooring, generally hygiene-focused resin and tile flooring designed to minimise contamination and offer proper protection to both the patient and the medical professionals working with them.

Retail Flooring, using a range of materials (from polyurethane resin to vinyl) to provide appealing and supportive floors that can work in customer-facing retail spaces. These can also be used as floors for back rooms and employees-only areas.

Sports Hall Flooring, designed for safety and protection during sporting events while still providing all of the support and durability needed to make active sports possible.

Warehouse Flooring, prepared specifically for warehouses that store a lot of heavy items, have heavy foot traffic and use loading vehicles or forklifts indoors as a day-to-day tool.


Our huge range of floor options is not just for show. As floor specialists, we understand how to tackle each client's needs and how to find the right floor material choices for their specific requirements. It is not easy to pick out a single floor option from an entire industry of different choices, especially as somebody unfamiliar with a lot of floor-related essentials.

Commercial kitchens can be a difficult space to choose a floor for. Prioritising between a hygienic floor, non-slip floor, durable floor, water-resistant floor, heat-resistant floor, and comfortable floor is not easy, and many business owners settle for cheap polyurethane resin flooring instead of something specialised.

We try to provide the best possible floor options for these spaces, with even our simple polyurethane floor choices being much more in-depth. Whatever you are looking for, our experts can find something that fits, making sure that you understand the benefits of what you are getting and how you can clean and maintain it for the longest possible lifespan.

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Contact us if you want to know more about what we can offer and how our specialists can help you find the ideal floor for your needs. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can identify the right floor type to install in your kitchen.

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