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Comfort flooring can be an invaluable addition to any property, providing a great floor surface that can offer a range of major benefits over other material choices. Whether you need a cushioned surface or just want something seamless, comfort floor options are an excellent choice.

At Comfort Flooring, our Netherton experts work hard to provide each client with flooring that meets their needs and requirements. We tackle each flooring project in a bespoke way, using our full range of services to deliver the right comfort floor for each individual space.

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Who Are We?

We at Comfort Flooring are a team of flooring experts in Netherton with an in-depth understanding of various flooring systems, working with customers to give them the right services and floor options for their exact needs.

Our team have handled hundreds of flooring installation projects across various flooring systems and styles, playing to the advantages of each.

Accredited Comfort Flooring Installers Netherton

Our work has earned us a lot of praise in the past, as well as a range of awards from major companies and third-party review sites.

We try our best to deliver the best quality services possible without compromising the cost, simplicity or short-notice responses involved in getting comfort flooring installed directly onto a client's property.

15 Years Experience in Nationwide Flooring

With fifteen years of experience managing various floor services and products, we understand how to handle a comfort flooring project of any scale. 

Our Netherton team work hard to provide the right comfort floor choices for each customer, using our varied experience to have the new floor installed directly without issues. 

We also know how to create seamless resin floors, maintain comfort flooring, and ensure maximum quality throughout each step of the project.

Why Choose Us for Your Comfort Flooring?

Our expertise and range of comfort flooring options have made us incredibly skilled at delivering what customers need and tackling each flooring project in a bespoke way that lets the floor's advantages shine through.

As a team of flooring industry veterans in Netherton with a solid understanding of comfort flooring and its benefits, we aim to achieve the highest possible quality and best possible results with each floor installation.

Our designers and installers are friendly and always willing to work with new clients, helping them create the perfect comfort flooring system for their facilities or any other chosen spaces.

What is Comfort Flooring?

Comfort flooring generally refers to seamless resin floors that are designed for comfort and cushioning. These floors are soft and achieve a high level of comfort underfoot compared to other floor types, even when you stand on them for long periods of time.

This flooring is often installed directly into retail spaces or non-commercial environments, such as hospital facilities and schools. It is even used in certain leisure areas on occasion and can be a useful surface in a lot of different contexts

The smooth, seamless resin floors make a walk around that space far more comfortable and can have other benefits that make it a great choice over other floor systems.

How is Comfort Flooring Made?

Comfort floors are generally made as a seamless resin surface, which itself is made up of layers of polyurethane. These are installed directly onto a primed substrate in Netherton, with this primed substrate serving as the underlayer of the comfort floor.

In commercial environments or other specific facilities, there may be extra coatings applied to make cleaning the floors easier or to provide more protection.

All of our comfort flooring systems are made as a bespoke project, with each smooth surface being custom-made to suit our customers. This allows our designers to focus on giving different sites the best advantages for that particular space.

Types of Comfort Floors Netherton

Comfort flooring can cover more than just one specific type of floor. Like any flooring type, different floors can have wildly different advantages, and each of the floors we offer is constructed in a slightly different way.

While most comfort floors still use the same seamless resin floors as a base, there is still some variation that might change how that particular comfort floor type works.

We can provide varied comfort floor options based on things like the colours of the floors, the kind of surface you are looking for, and any specific advantages that need to be emphasised for a specific space.

National Comfort Flooring Installation

At Comfort Flooring, we are fully equipped to install comfort floor systems all throughout the UK. We can work with a range of industrial, retail, leisure and commercial environments to provide the right comfort floor systems for each location.

We do our best to ensure that all of our comfort floor options are available to each customer within Netherton. Our team are also properly trained to install, maintain, refresh and repair comfort floor systems as needed.

We tackle installation in a professional way, making sure that each comfort floor system we install is correctly handled to minimize quality issues or structural problems. A comfort floor needs to be reliable and properly crafted, and we do our best to achieve the highest standards possible.

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Netherton Comfort Flooring Cost

The cost of comfort floor system installation usually hovers around £7 to £15 per square meter for the materials, not counting extra costs involved in applying the comfort floor itself.

We do our best to keep our costs fair, working with clients to ensure that they are getting a comfort floor they can afford without feeling pressured into overspending. 

Our team can provide a free quote and breakdown of the expected costs involved, helping each customer find a floor system that works for their budget. We can also walk the customer through the steps involved in installing a comfort floor.

As a dedicated group of specialists in the flooring industry, we understand that a comfort floor is often vital for spaces like hospitals, schools and leisure facilities. We can offer repeated free quotes for each comfort floor option you are considering, helping you settle for an affordable option.

Benefits of Comfort Flooring

Good comfort floor options can provide a range of advantages, many of which set them apart from regular flooring options. While a comfort floor on its own might just seem like alternative flooring at first, the distinct differences are very important.


As the name suggests, a comfort floor is often a lot more soft and comfortable. This soft surface makes it easier to stand or walk on the floors for a longer period of time, which can be important for almost any space that requires a lot of movement or waiting.


Despite being soft, the primed substrate and resin materials of most comfort floors are still durable. This means that they can stand up to a lot of punishment without losing their soft feel or suffering permanent damage.


The smooth flooring surfaces make it easier for wheeled equipment to be moved around and reduce foot strain overall. This also makes them substantially easier to clean, allowing them to work well in areas where dirt and debris are likely hazards.

Varied Colours

The resin construction of this flooring system style allows for a range of colours, as well as different colour combinations. Colour variety means that schools, hospitals and other larger spaces can colour-code different flooring areas or vary colours to suit different situations.

Versatile Floors

The smooth, soft floors created by this kind of flooring system can be used in a range of ways and are versatile enough to suit many different situations without needing any special coatings or tweaks.

Easy Cleaning

Most of these flooring options can be easily washed and cleaned with almost no effort required. The flat, smooth flooring surface enables very easy cleaning with nowhere for dirt to get trapped, leading to a more hygienic space.

Seamless Resin Floors

The lack of seams in most comfort floors means that the flooring cannot capture dirt and grime as easily, making it a cleaner surface overall. This also makes the floor more comfortable overall and can be important for spaces where cleanliness is extremely important.

Impact Noise Reduction

The soft surfaces of these flooring options reduce impact noise dramatically, and lower impact noise means less noise overall. This can be important in spaces where noise is a concern, such as hospitals where loud noise might disturb patients or schools where noise can disrupt studies.

Ease of Maintenance

Most of these flooring options are very easy to maintain, requiring almost no effort to manage as long as they are not being constantly damaged. Even then, our team are well-prepared to help you repair your flooring system.

Simple Installation

The coating-based layers used in the construction of this flooring mean that it is easy to add new floors or replace existing floors with new ones as needed. These comfort floors can also be layered over existing floors in larger overhaul projects.

Extremely Hygienic

The nature of a comfort flooring system makes it extremely hygienic compared to other flooring options. These floors are much easier to clean, do not have segmented layers where grime can get trapped, and can go for long periods without needing to be maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest flooring on the market to have installed?

While vinyl is technically the cheapest flooring option on the market, resin floors like this often come with additional benefits that make them better floors overall.

What is the best floor for comfort?

Dedicated comfort flooring can provide major benefits that are worth pursuing, such as the floor being extremely hygienic or being able to go for long periods without needing maintenance. The noise-dampening and soft surface can make this the perfect flooring for a comfortable space.

Is comfort flooring good for retail spaces?

Comfort flooring gets a lot of use in retail, residential, industrial and leisure spaces. A comfort flooring system is versatile enough to fit a range of roles, but the system itself is not specific to any kind of location - it can be used anywhere it is needed.

Does comfort flooring reduce noise?

A comfort flooring system can reduce noise, both from footsteps and moving wheeled equipment around. The layers system of this flooring uses softer outer layers that reduce the noise you make when you walk, allowing for a quieter corridor or workspace.

Does the colour of the comfort flooring matter?

Like any flooring type, comfort floor systems come in a range of colours and styles. We can make sure that you get the best fit for your chosen space, all without having to pay a premium just to get a specific colour or mimic another material choice.

Is comfort floor worth it?

Comfort floor can be an excellent addition to almost any space, offering greater comfort alongside a range of practical benefits. It is a very versatile type of floor that can fit hundreds of different situations and spaces without any issues.

Is comfort flooring hard to install?

Our experts can arrange to have your comfort flooring installed directly, making sure that the installation is complete to the highest possible standard of quality. We work hard to ensure that every flooring system is handled correctly and that clients are happy with the end result of our installation process.

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If you want to know more about what our Netherton team can offer, get in touch for some support in choosing the right flooring option for your needs. We can provide a free quote and price breakdown for any floor system, making it easier to balance cost and quality.

Our team are friendly and always ready to help out a new customer, so do not be afraid to contact us today. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can get to work on finding you the right flooring for each specific space.

If you have any further questions or just want to know more about the flooring types we can offer in Netherton, then talk to us and learn more. We are always willing to take on another client and help them perfect the flooring in their property.

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