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Methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin floors can be an invaluable addition to many different spaces, providing a well-finished floor that can offer some incredible benefits. Whether you are flooring a room from scratch or want to replace your existing surface with something new, MMA flooring can be a perfect choice for a range of construction and refurbishment projects.

We at The Flooring Installers can provide a huge range of resin flooring system options in Barmston, offering rapid installation and high quality on all of the floorings we stock.

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Who Are The Flooring Installers?

We are a leading UK flooring installation company with a wide variety of resin flooring system options on offer. Made up of industry professionals and flooring specialists, we know how to provide the right flooring systems for our clients, no matter their projects or requirements.

We understand how useful MMA flooring can be and are fully equipped to offer a wide range of MMA resin flooring systems to our customers in Barmston. Not only can we produce custom resin floor options to suit each client, but we can provide the preparation and installation work necessary to get it all in place quickly.

Why Use The Flooring Installers?

We are well-prepared to take on a range of flooring projects, assisting you from the initial floor selection to the final checks post-installation. Our experts know how to get floors installed quickly and effectively without sacrificing quality.

Our huge variety of different floor options ensures that even the most picky client can find an MMA flooring option (or different resin flooring system) that meets their requirements. We want to guide our clients toward whatever flooring system suits them the best, no matter what their unique requirements are.

Experienced MMA Flooring Installers Barmston

With years of past work under our belt, we know how to find and install flooring systems that perfectly match our client's needs. Having built connections to major suppliers and gathered up some of the best professionals in the industry, we are always prepared to take on another flooring project.

What is an MMA Floor?

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin is a quick-to-install set of thermoplastic acrylic resin systems. MMA resins are made in layers, with each new layer of methyl methacrylate achieving a chemical bond with another installation layer for a durable and reliable finish.

In general, methyl methacrylate is made of a specialised methyl methacrylate primer and methyl methacrylate substrate, as well as a bodycast and topcoat. This creates a "block" of methyl methacrylate made from multiple methyl methacrylate layers, resulting in MMA resin systems that can endure heavy wear and tear without obvious signs of damage.

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MMA Flooring Cost Barmston

The cost of MMA flooring can vary wildly depending on the MMA resins and MMA coating you are using. However, we can estimate the average cost of MMA flooring at between £7 and £20 per square metre.

Remember that this is just an estimate and that different MMA floors can cost vastly different amounts based on their materials. Like all of our resin floor options, we do our best to find something that fits within the client's budgetary limits.

MMA Flooring Types

While MMA stands for the same thing regardless (methyl methacrylate), MMA floors can easily be compared to epoxy flooring and polyurethane systems. However, MMA flooring itself is mostly unique in that it does not really have different types- the kind of MMA floors you get mostly depends on how they are installed and the exact materials used.

We can break down the differences between different MMA flooring options, helping clients get to grips with what they need to know before the installation. We want to make sure that our clients understand what our MMA resin floors can offer and how they can benefit their homes or business.

Commercial MMA Flooring Barmston

We provide a range of commercial MMA resin flooring options suitable for both customer-facing businesses and any industrial space. Easy installation of an MMA resin flooring system allows any space like this to receive better support, hygiene, protection and overall surface durability without pushing a given project over budget.

Our commercial MMA flooring is designed to offer maximum quality in a workplace environment, ensuring that employees and equipment are kept safe. We can provide an MMA resin flooring system that is tailored to each space's requirements, whether that means methyl methacrylate flooring that can handle extreme temperatures or simpler resin flooring designed to offer a safe work surface.

We install flooring commercially to a high standard of quality and accuracy, making sure that our MMA resin flooring systems have a long lifespan and work as intended within a commercial space. Regardless of whether this is a storefront or a factory floor, we pride ourselves on delivering MMA resin surfaces that can withstand enough punishment and constant use to require minimal repairs and maintenance work.

Domestic MMA Flooring Barmston

Our domestic MMA resin systems are perfect for any home that needs better-quality floor options, especially in spaces that need to support a lot of weight and constant use. This resin flooring can be stronger than most other options while also providing better protection and a longer lifespan, making it an excellent choice for nearly any space where mess and stains are common.

Whether it is in a kitchen or a garage, we use our MMA resin expertise to ensure that every single installation is carried out properly. A good MMA resin floor can provide a huge range of benefits that make a big difference to even the most basic home, and our fast installation work means that you can have it ready within almost no time whatsoever.

We can break down the benefits of our MMA resin floors as well as the installation process we follow, making sure that each domestic client understands what we are installing in their home. We can also keep you informed on how to maintain and treat the new installation in the long term, as well as the practical benefits of whatever coating we are using.

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MMA Flooring Manufacturers

As some of the UK's top methyl methacrylate/MMA installers, we understand how to make good MMA flooring. Our Barmston production and manufacturing process is refined enough to allow for a range of acrylic resins and other material varieties, meaning that we can produce a custom MMA floor to suit your particular needs.

Being able to offer a bespoke MMA floor enables us to give each client a surface that matches their requirements, handling flooring on a case-by-case basis. When we install flooring systems, we do so with the mindset that it is the best of our flooring systems for that specific client - and we take each set of flooring systems seriously, trying to tailor our choices to whatever the customer would want most.

Our solid connections to various suppliers and material sources allow us to offer MMA flooring made with high-quality materials. This not only speeds up our rapid installation process but provides us with a way to guarantee better coatings and proven higher durability on our MMA resin flooring compared to some other flooring specialists.

MMA Flooring Benefits

MMA flooring systems offer a range of useful benefits that make them invaluable in all kinds of different spaces and situations. As a very practical floor option, all MMA floor surface types tend to offer the same useful and reliable benefits.

Durability and Protection

MMA flooring offers great durability, allowing even the most basic MMA floor to endure constant use without wearing out and leaving the surface underneath exposed. The specific resins used in MMA floors in Barmston are proven to be more durable than many other resins, allowing for even more durability and strength.

An MMA floor is also good at preventing slips and other forms of harm, which can be especially important in a busy workplace. Non-slip MMA surfaces are entirely possible to create and can be invaluable to both a larger industrial business and a small home.

Bond Strength

The mechanical preparation of MMA flooring allows for a mechanical bond between layers. This makes most MMA resins incredibly tough and reliable, leaving no weak points exposed and allowing the MMA floor to take a lot more damage without any major problems.

MMA resin floor reaches full bond strength after only two hours to four hours after installation. Thanks to this, your new resin floor can be fully prepared in less than a quarter of a day. This kind of fast cure makes it easy to get an MMA floor installed without ruining your own schedule.


MMA resins can endure extreme temperatures very well and can even fast-cure in temperatures that other floor systems would not. Once installed, the system can handle both high and low temperatures easily, even when used as a coating for another surface or given a custom coating of its own.

Easy Installation

MMA allows for rapid installation in Barmston, with a cure time of around two hours in ideal conditions and a physical install process that can be done in less than a single afternoon. This allows the floor to be installed and then cured within a single day if needed, with the biggest factors on the cure speed being outside temperatures and the scale of the MMA resin flooring system itself.

Even if the cure speed takes longer than two hours, that is usually still another two hours at most, for an expected maximum of four. This is a significantly faster cure speed than most other floor system options, from epoxy resin to entirely different floor types and coatings.

Should I Choose MMA Flooring?

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is durable, reliable, and can be used almost anywhere with no real downsides. It serves as a great flooring system alternative to epoxy resins and other resins as a whole, even when used as coatings rather than an entire floor system replacement. This kind of flooring system in Barmston can provide a huge range of benefits to nearly any space and takes almost no time to install, thanks to the simplicity of the resin and the fast cure speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are MMA floors?

MMA floors are any floor made with MMA resin. While there are different general varieties, all of them are mostly the same beyond colours, textures and paint pigments.

What is MMA resin?

MMA resin is effectively layered resin, made with stronger bonds to increase durability and resistance to various forms of damage.

Can you use resin on floors?

MMA resin can be used as a coating where necessary, covering an existing floor and providing some greater protection. It also works as a floor in itself, creating a solid surface that can handle wear and tear very well.

What is MMA material?

MMA floors can vary in exact material composition, depending on what they are. We can guide you through the differences between the MMA types if asked.

What is MMA coating?

MMA coatings are just the same material as an MMA floor, except they are used as a coating to confer the same benefits to other flooring types.

Other Services We Offer

We offer a range of Epoxy Resin Flooring suitable for various commercial and residential projects, along with Polyurethane Resin Flooring as an alternative. Beyond that are our Comfort Flooring and Vinyl Flooring systems, both of which can be heavily customised and adapted to suit whatever niche role our clients require.


At The Flooring Installers, we take our flooring options seriously. MMA flooring can be a major addition to almost any space that needs tougher flooring, offering a range of useful benefits while still being versatile enough to fit with your chosen aesthetic.

We offer a wide range of ways to customise and adjust the flooring we provide, letting us give you flooring that suits your personal needs and requirements. The same is true of MMA flooring, which our experts are more than happy to install as needed.

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If you want to know more about our work or the flooring systems that we can provide in Barmston, get in touch and talk to some of our specialists. We are prepared to get started on a new flooring project as soon as possible, so do not hesitate to contact us and talk about the options that you might be interested in.

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