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Vinyl flooring can be a great choice for any home, offering an affordable alternative to many other flooring types while also providing a range of useful benefits. We at The Flooring Installers can provide a range of vinyl floors in Hayston, carefully tailored to match the customer's new flooring needs.

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Who Are The Flooring Installers?

We are a professional UK flooring installation company with a huge range of flooring options on offer. Whether we're setting up vinyl tile flooring for a bathroom or stronger vinyl floors for spaces that demand hard-wearing surfaces, we can help our England clients get the new flooring they need.

Many Hayston homes can benefit from good vinyl flooring, and with many styles to offer, we can make sure that our clients end up happy with the flooring they receive. We understand that each house is different, and can provide and maintain a flooring choice that perfectly meets with the homeowner's requirements.

Why Use The Flooring Installers?

We offer a wide range of flooring options to our customers in Hayston, with new vinyl flooring being one of our most popular options. As professional flooring experts, we understand how to handle flooring surfaces well, using a variety of tools and techniques to guarantee high-quality installation and maintenance.

Our full range of skills allows us to provide high-quality vinyl flooring installation, and our connections to various suppliers mean that we can produce floors in a variety of style and colour options. We work hard to deliver the right kind of flooring to our clients, making sure to meet their personal needs and requirements wherever possible.

Experienced Hayston Vinyl Flooring Installers

We have worked with countless past clients, providing them with a huge variety of floor options based on their requirements and expectations. As experts in our field, we do our best to ensure that each client ends up happy with the floor we provide, making sure to draw on our many years of total experience to get them the results they want.

Having worked with a long list of materials and floor type choices, we understand the differences offered by each of the materials and coating you may be interested in. Our experts can break down the materials and style of floor, helping you find the option that's most suitable for the room you're trying to re-floor.

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Vinyl Flooring Cost Hayston

Depending on the type of vinyl flooring you get, the cost of new flooring could be anything from £7 to £50 per square metre. This might seem like a wildly varying price point, but it heavily depends on what kind of flooring you're getting.

We can work with our clients to help them find the ideal flooring option for their home, making sure that they stay comfortably within their budget. We aim to provide cheap vinyl flooring that still offers all of the same practical benefits as more expensive options, trying to keep prices fair and flooring accessible.

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Vinyl Flooring Types

We offer a variety of vinyl flooring choices in Hayston, all of which can be useful for vastly different reasons. As experts in the vinyl flooring field, we understand the differences between each of the materials and flooring categories and can provide a breakdown for our clients if they need a reminder on which options would suit their needs best.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Hayston

Luxury vinyl flooring tiles are meant to mimic stone and other similar surfaces, often fitting as bathroom or kitchen vinyl flooring. They tend to have more muted colours, but are resilient and water resistant, allowing them to work well in variety of rooms.

While most styles are related to stone or ceramic surfaces like those found in bathrooms, there are also a range of more varied vinyl tile options to choose from. Some can even mimic high-quality wood, offering the same durable protection as always while looking very similar to wood tiles or patterns.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Hayston

Luxury vinyl planks are a classic option that usually mimics wood directly. These are long, thick, narrow vinyl planks that usually offer the same style and colour as popular wood flooring types, boasting a thicker and more durable design than most other vinyl floorings. Many are also covered in finishes that replicate the finishes used on modern wood floorings.

These planks are incredibly versatile and can be kept as a plain flooring option or used as part of a larger stylish design. Glue-down installation can bolster their durability further, and they tend to be both hard-wearing and water-resistant, making them great for bathrooms, kitchens, or other spaces in your house that deal with a lot of moisture.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Hayston

Sheet vinyl flooring is budget-friendly, usually offering a huge variety of style and colour choices while keeping the price tag low. This affordable material is meant to be far cheaper than other options and allow for quick installation, using a softer sheet that won't be damaged by scratches as easily.

The style variety offered by sheet vinyl flooring means that it can come in all manner of bright colours, unique styles and faux material choices. It can also be switched in and out easily, allowing a homeowner to change the style of a room relatively quickly by simply swapping in a new vinyl flooring option.

As a side note, a sheet vinyl floor is usually easy to clean. Spills and messes don't sink into the vinyl , meaning that it can be an easy choice to maintain - and if it does get badly damaged, the low price tag makes it easy to install a new set of flooring.

Lino Flooring Hayston

Lino flooring is made from renewable materials, rather than synthetic vinyl. While it can't handle moisture quite as well, lino flooring is still a nice option for people who want something that will add to a space's décor. Lino flooring is also generally more expensive, but the renewable materials can make lino a worthwhile choice if you want to move away from synthetic surfaces.

We can provide an impressive variety of different flooring choices, allowing us to find the ideal lino flooring that will meet your needs. We can lay lino flooring just as easily as vinyl flooring, and our experts understand how to break down the features of each lino options so that you know what you're getting ahead of time.

Other Vinyl Floor Types

We do our best to ensure that we can provide a huge variety of vinyl flooring choices, each one offering some unique benefits or features that makes it a worthwhile choice.

It can be hard to choose a type of vinyl flooring for your home, especially if you aren't completely sure which vinyl flooring types will suit your needs best. We understand each major type of vinyl floor, and can provide practical explanations of what to expect from each type or style of vinyl flooring that we offer.

You're free to browse our vinyl floor options at your leisure, but our experts can also assist you in finding the vinyl floor that fits your needs best. We're able to give you plain, straightforward advice about which vinyl flooring might be best suited to your needs, helping you uncover the ideal options for whatever project you're currently working on.

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Commercial Vinyl Flooring Hayston

We can provide a huge variety of vinyl flooring choices for commercial spaces, whether that means a comfortable and stylish shop floor or a slip-resistant tile type for a commercial kitchen.

The type of flooring you have in your commercial business can make a big difference. A shop or customer-facing business often has to rely on their flooring as more than just a floor choice, and there are a lot of factors that can make particular flooring type more useful in commercial areas.

Not only does commercial flooring need to be safe for both employees and customers in Hayston, but it also has to be easy to clean. Health and safety standards can have huge impact on the type of flooring you choose, especially in industries that deal with hazardous materials or food and drink.

We can offer a variety of specially-prepared vinyl flooring that's perfect for any shop, restaurant, industrial area, or whatever other business you happen to run. The right vinyl option can provide all of the usual vinyl benefits while also being safer, stronger, and far more reliable than non-vinyl alternatives.

Domestic Vinyl Flooring Hayston

Vinyl flooring has a lot of value in domestic spaces, too. The durability of vinyl, and the fact that some vinyl types can mimic materials like stone, makes vinyl a great replacement for other surface options.

This flexibility can make vinyl great for any room. Laying and fitting vinyl flooring is relatively easy, and the durable nature of most vinyl flooring allows the colours or wood/stone mimicry to endure wear and tear extremely well. This offers a way to get fancy surfaces in a room without compromising durability, price, or the colours and style of the floors themselves.

We provide vinyl flooring for a variety of room types in Hayston, from a living room or bedroom to a kitchen or bathroom. Each room requires something different from our vinyl, and we can offer the right vinyl type to suit the needs of that room specifically.

Vinyl Flooring Benefits

Vinyl flooring is more than just a basic floor type made with vinyl. It can also provide a variety of benefits in Hayston without compromising its general-purpose nature, regardless of the colours or style you end up choosing. These include:

  • Incredible variety.

  • Extreme durability.

  • Easy cleaning.

  • Simple maintenance.

  • Easy fitting and installation.

  • Realistic mimicry of other surface types and materials.

  • Water resistance and waterproofing (depending on the type).

  • Enough versatility to work in any room.

  • High flexibility in terms of price, suitable for any budget.

  • Suitable for many roles and compatible with most subfloor layers.

Should I Choose Vinyl Flooring?

If you browse through our vinyl flooring options, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of options we have in stock. However, this only means that we have a lot of vinyl choices to offer, all of which can work well in a different kind of room.

The flexibility of vinyl flooring in Hayston means that there are few places it won't be beneficial. Regardless of your subfloor, price range, room length and width, chosen colours, or countless other factors that might affect other flooring choices.

Vinyl is a reliable and versatile flooring option that you should absolutely consider. Good vinyl can work in almost any room type, provide a huge variety of benefits, and keep you comfortably within your own price range and budget at any scale.

Vinyl Flooring vs Laminate Flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring are similar at first glance, but have some core differences. For some, vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, whereas laminate is not. The two are also built differently and use different materials - laminate is generally fibreboard and wood by-products, whereas vinyl is all synthetic.

Vinyl is usually the ideal floor fitting choice for most rooms, with only a few exceptions. For example, vinyl's waterproofing makes it invaluable in a kitchen or bathroom, something that laminate can't handle nearly as well. Laminate mostly wins out when it comes to the environmental impact and the variety of styles on offer, but also carries a higher overall price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is vinyl flooring better than laminate?

Vinyl flooring beats laminate flooring in most ways. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, allows for easy fitting, and tends to be more durable. While quality can vary depending on the vinyl brand you're fitting, laminate is more about the visuals, and has a higher price to match.

Is vinyl flooring worth it?

The price of vinyl flooring can vary depending on the type of vinyl you're fitting, and the vinyl flooring itself. However, with so many vinyl flooring choices all at a varying price, it's a great idea to look at vinyl flooring for your shop, home, or any other area you need flooring for.

Vinyl flooring has a low general price tag, and high-quality vinyl can be surprisingly strong. Vinyl also allows you to copy classic flooring materials, using vinyl wood planks or vinyl stone tiles

Which is cheaper: vinyl or laminate flooring?

Vinyl and laminate flooring and similar in price. However, vinyl tends to have a lower price tag overall, at least until you look into higher-tier luxury vinyl flooring.

Even so, the price increase for more expensive vinyl options is worth it. The vinyl itself is waterproof and more reliable compared to laminate, making vinyl the ideal choice for fitting to a space where you need the benefits of vinyl itself.

Is it cheaper to install tile or vinyl floors?

Vinyl planks tend to be the cheapest, with vinyl tiles being slightly more expensive. Compared to regular tile flooring, vinyl tiles are significantly cheaper and a lot easier to work with.

Does vinyl need underlay?

Vinyl generally doesn't need an underlay, due to how vinyl tiles themselves are designed. This makes fitting easier and can help keep the price of installing it slightly lower as a result.

Is vinyl flooring high maintenance?

Vinyl flooring requires very little maintenance, meaning that you only have to roll through the vinyl-floored spaces with a mop or broom once every month or two at most. Vinyl does not stain and messes can be easily cleaned up, meaning that vinyl isn't easily damaged in most cases.

Is vinyl flooring 100% waterproof?

Vinyl flooring is waterproof. However, the vinyl has to be installed properly for complete waterproofing of the surface underneath - seams can still let water through, even though the vinyl surface itself is fully resistant to any forms of water damage.

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Unlike carpet, vinyl flooring can be a very versatile choice that works in nearly any space. Also unlike carpet, our vinyl choices are incredibly varied, and we keep a huge range of options in stock for our customers to browse through.

Take a look at our online store and use the filters to simplify your search. If you can't decide on what to shop for, then don't hesitate to get in touch with our Hayston experts.

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We have worked with many homes and businesses to deliver personalised flooring choices that suit their exact needs. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get you the flooring you want.

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