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Not many people give much thought to airport flooring, whether it is just how it is fitted or what kind of floor they are walking on. More people will give thought to communal properties and the different surfaces they have.

Whether you look at the colour or textures of floors in shops and restaurants, many people will not look at the different floor types in airports; however, the correct floor type must be used to hold up to the demand of a busy airport.

When walking through an airport, you may not often notice the floor, the fact that it is non-slip or how it is designed to withstand so many people using it every day. Below we will look at why we are specialists in airport floors and how our experience can help you with your airport flooring.

So, whether you know who we are or not, read on to find out how we can help you get the best airport flooring and how we can be contacted if you need an experienced professional to help with your airport surfaces. 

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Who Are We?

We are a UK company who have years of experience in airport flooring; we have worked with airports across the UK, making sure their airport flooring systems fit safety regulations and will stand up to the foot traffic that airports get.

Working with all kinds of commercial projects and high-performance floors, we are also experienced with extraction techniques to make sure everything we do is health and safety compliant.

We work with different types of flooring, from resin flooring to aesthetically pleasing flooring and other flooring types; we can find the perfect solution for you. If you are interested in what we can do to help you to get your airport flooring perfect, contact us today for a quote.

Accredited Airport Flooring Installers

No matter what type of airport flooring you are looking for, whether for your baggage halls or other areas in your airport, we are accredited airport flooring installers with years of experience. With meticulous planning, we can make sure you get the right type of flooring system.

We have worked on airport projects all over the country, making sure that the flooring adheres to safety regulations. We also offer maintenance for your airport flooring. Give your passengers a surface that is health and safety approved with slip resistance to keep them on their way.

We work in a way that gives minimal disruption and follow all airport regulations when doing our work. Not only this, but we will work with you during the planning stage to make sure you have the perfect solution.

We are able to use different types of resin to ensure that your airport flooring is completed with minimal disruption to your passengers; we can work quickly to help you get your floors completed and up to airport regulations. If you are interested in new flooring, get in touch today for your quote.

15 Years Experience in Nationwide Flooring

We have 15 years of experience with fitting airport flooring as well as other commercial flooring. Our technicians are trained in fitting all different kinds of flooring, maintaining high health and safety standards and working with the airport's owner to meet their needs.

If you need your airport's flooring to be maintained, we offer maintenance instructions and care information for your flooring type. We will also make sure you are given the right type of care instructions for the flooring type you choose.

If you are interested in new floors for your airport, whether baggage halls, aircraft hangars or just general flooring where there is high foot traffic, get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you. With 15 years of experience and the ability to work nationwide, we can help you find the perfect solution for your flooring needs. 

Why Choose Us for Your Airport Flooring?

We are experienced not only in providing high-standard and high-performance floors for the inside of your airport but also in providing flooring for aircraft hangars. We understand the regulations which the hangar will need for safe storage.

Working with all different flooring types, we can find you aesthetically pleasing flooring that is slip resistant and will stand up to foot traffic in an airport. We understand how important it is that airports have high-performance floors and surfaces which are safe for passengers while being maintenance friendly.

Getting the right type of flooring for your airport is important. We will help with our meticulous planning to ensure you have minimal disruption to your airports while you get your new flooring fitted.

Get in touch today to get a quote for your airport flooring, use the best company in the UK for your flooring needs and take advantage of the experience we have. We will ensure you have the best flooring possible.

What is Airport Flooring?

Airport flooring is exactly what it sounds like; flooring that is installed in airports. Our trained technicians can fit all flooring systems and can follow extraction techniques to remove flooring.

It is important to ensure with airport flooring that you adhere to health and safety regulations and ensure that your passengers are safe within your airport. It is important to have high-performance floors that can hold up to high foot traffic and are safe in baggage halls.

The benefit of using resin flooring for your airport is that you can make this bespoke, enabling the installation of flooring that is designed for your airport or fits with your top airline. Having colours coordinating with different areas of the airport helps passengers find their way easily.

Regardless of the flooring type you want, get in touch today to get the best flooring from the best airport flooring company. We can give you a quote to get your floors completed promptly.

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Types of Airport Floors

There are many different types of flooring systems we work with; they include:

  • Resin flooring

  • PVC flooring

  • Concrete

  • Rubber flooring

  • Epoxy self-levelling

  • Slip resistance flooring

Each of these flooring systems has its benefits for your airport, and our trained technicians will be able to help you when we are planning your airport flooring.

For example, if you choose to have resin flooring installed, our technicians will need to adhere to strict health and safety procedures due to the strong odour of the resin. Technicians will also need minimal disruption during installation due to the nature of the chemicals.

However, if you want to have minimal disruption to your airports during floor installation, a PVC floor would cause minimal disruption to your passengers. We will help you find the right type for your airport and will explain all health and safety regulations.

If you are unsure what type of airport flooring will work for you, feel free to speak with one of our qualified team members, and we can help you.

National Airport Flooring Installation

We gave work in airports nationwide, making sure that each one has the perfect solution and that their airport flooring is up to the airport regulations and adheres to strict health and safety regulations.

We have worked on airport projects for national airports as well as doing commercial flooring for companies and providing flooring for aircraft hangars, specifically for domestic aircraft.

When our trained technicians are carrying out a resin flooring installation, we ensure that extraction techniques are in place for the strong odour that can be caused by resin flooring. It is important when working with resin that you have extraction for the strong odour, as this can cause illness if inhaled.

Airport Flooring Cost

Airport flooring will differ in cost depending on which flooring your choose for your airport. If you want resin flooring throughout, this can be mixed with different materials to give it a different look. You can also increase the slip resistance of your flooring in areas that could be busier, such as baggage halls.

Not only this, but the size of the area you intend to cover will change the cost. If you only want your airport flooring to be completed within the airport lounges and not the hangar, this will cost less than having the entire airport flooring fitted as resin flooring.

To find out how much it will cost to get your airport flooring completed, whether you want resin flooring or PVC, give us a call to get a quote today. If you need a quote for maintenance, you can also get in touch today, and we will do our best to help you.

Benefits of Airport Flooring

The benefits of getting good airport flooring are that it will adhere to strict health and safety regulations and it will make your airport more attractive to passengers. Also, your floor will be easy to maintain. Not only this, but resin flooring will last for years, unlike other flooring types.

The ability of your floor to withstand heavy footfall daily, as well as the floor in your hangar being able to take the weight and movement of multiple aircrafts daily, is extremely important for your airport to continue to run safely.

It is also important that your airport flooring is slip resistant as if there are accidents in your airport, you could be liable for any damages to passengers. Having resin flooring can work better and is easier to maintain than carpets; therefore easier to adhere to safety standards.

If your floor is not up to airport regulations or requires some TLC or a new look, get in touch today to discuss a new attractive resin flooring for your airport. We can give you a quote for your airport flooring and improve your flooring to a higher standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use resin flooring?

Resin flooring is one of the most durable options, other than using basic concrete. However, resin flooring is more aesthetically pleasing and will hold up just as well as concrete, if not better, while having a non-slip surface.

Resin flooring is something we can install quickly and safely with minimal disruption to your airport, giving you clean, fresh flooring. If you want a new look and a hardwearing floor, then resin is what you need.

What type of flooring would you choose for an Airport building?

The most used flooring for airports is resin flooring. This is a resilient flooring that can hold up to high foot traffic and is a good surface for airport regulations due to it being an easy maintenance flooring.

You can also get materials to mix during resin flooring installation to give the floor slip resistance, making sure it fits strict health and safety regulations. If you would like to add slip resistance, this will require meticulous planning to avoid additional disruption, so include this in your quote as early as possible.

What is the cheapest flooring to have installed?

Rubber or PVC flooring is the cheapest airport flooring option available. This does not need to cure, unlike resin flooring installation, which requires the resin to be cured and set before being safely used.

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Now you know all about what we can do and how much experience we have in fitting not only airport flooring but the flooring in hangars and commercial properties, would you want the best company in the UK to work for you?

To get your quote and find out how to get the perfect flooring solutions for your airports, or you are interested in using our company for your commercial flooring. Get in touch with our team today to get your quote and see how we can help you.

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