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At The Flooring Installers, we can offer an extensive range of flooring options to suit almost any factory in Bridgend. Our experts are fully equipped to choose, install and maintain high-quality flooring specific to each of our customers, providing bespoke options and expert advice as needed.

Great-quality flooring can make a huge difference to any industrial area, from a store room to an active factory production line in Bridgend. Whether you want complete re-flooring or just need a specialised section of floor for one particular area, our professional fitters can make it happen.

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Who Are We?

We at The Flooring Installers are a professional Bridgend team of floor fitters and design experts working to offer clients the best industrial floor options on the market. Between expert advice and hands-on flooring expertise, we can ensure that customers get the flooring that suits their needs best.

Between installing practical showroom flooring and adding smaller details to existing flooring areas, we can offer a massive selection of flooring types across an extensive range of professional services.

Accredited Factory Flooring Installers Bridgend

Our team is fully qualified to offer high-quality flooring to every customer, and we have earned a number of awards and points of praise for our efforts. 

We try to keep our work as high-quality as possible in every situation, tackling each bespoke project carefully and making sure to supply the best flooring we can to each customer.

15 Years Experience in Nationwide Flooring

With fifteen years of experience in providing high-quality flooring nationwide, we understand how to treat customers well and provide the right floor for each space. We aim for quality above all else, using our expertise to eliminate potential flaws or setbacks.

Many of our past Bridgend flooring projects have involved correcting mistakes made by previous contractors, something that we have become very good at managing. Our team are able to handle bespoke projects with great care and quality, no matter how complex they may be.

Quality Flooring

We put quality first and foremost, making sure that clients are getting the best possible flooring for their needs without any extra hassle.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices on all of our flooring, working to ensure that clients are getting the best possible flooring options without having to torpedo their own budget. These competitive prices are based on the current value of that flooring on the market, ensuring constant deals.

Extensive Range

Our wide range of flooring options gives us a huge amount of flexibility in what we offer to clients, ensuring that we always have a solution to their flooring needs.

Why Choose Us for Your Factory Flooring?

We offer a massive selection of quality flooring options in Bridgend, as well as the experience required to install almost any floor type in any space. We understand how important flooring can be and are able to offer expert advice to customers who do not know which services and options to rely on.

Our experiences also make it easy for us to keep purchase pricing fair. We do our best to maintain stable and fair prices while offering a massive selection of flooring options and we try to eliminate the hassle that is normally involved in completing a new flooring design.

Beyond our flooring, we also try to make the entire project easy for our clients. Our staff are friendly and always willing to speak to potential new clients, helping them understand what to expect and how our prices are estimated.

From luxury finishes and vehicle-friendly design to bright warning colours and industrial carpets, we can make sure that each of our customers gets the right flooring for the job. A huge part of our service focuses on carrying out the project well, no matter the specifics involved.

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What is Factory Flooring?

As a whole, industrial flooring is any kind of specialised flooring used in industrial spaces in Bridgend. This often means flooring types that are more durable than normal or that possess other benefits that are required for that particular space to function well.

Factory flooring can take on many different forms, from special carpets to faux-wood services. All of them are meant to be a stronger and more practical alternative to regular flooring options, using materials like vinyl tiles or epoxy flooring to offer important benefits to any given room.

Different kinds of industrial space may also require different kinds of industrial flooring. We can offer high-quality flooring that can do things like support heavy-duty vehicles, handle high-pressure water leaks, or create safe spaces in busy areas with carefully-marked coloured boundaries.

Types of Factory Floors Bridgend

Our flooring options come in many different types, usually depending on the materials and the space that the flooring is meant to be used in. We talk with each of our clients to figure out what kind of floor they are looking for, then do our best to find the option that meets those needs properly.

The different materials used in this kind of flooring can be important. We can offer expert advice to each of our customers, helping to guide them towards the right flooring type and finishes for their current project and space.

Bridgend Epoxy Factory Flooring

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and highly resistant to stains, as well as being durable. This makes it a reliable option for many industrial project spaces and a huge improvement over wood or carpet floors.

Epoxy factory floor usually also falls under a low price point, making it a cost-effective option that can replace lower-quality flooring. Despite the low price, it can be a great option to rely on, providing improved safety and strength over wood-based flooring while being cheap enough to outfit an entire room.

The only downside can be that epoxy flooring tends to get slippery when wet, meaning that other safety measures may be needed in any industrial room where leaks are common. The right finishes can make this much less of a problem, as can protective grip carpets or raised metal/wood walkways.

Bridgend Polyurethane Factory Flooring

Polyurethane flooring is very durable and easy to maintain, standing in for wood flooring while offering a much greater range of benefits. This kind of floor can even be maintained using the same wood floor cleaners, making it a convenient upgrade from an older wood floor.

While some polyurethane mimics wood very well, other types go for clearly non-wood-like designs. In either case, the material is very easy to manage and can suit a range of spaces without eating up too much of your budget.

The main downside of polyurethane floor options is its weakness to scratches. If protective finishes have not been used, the floor may be quite susceptible to physical damage, and that damage can sometimes be very obvious.

Bridgend Epoxy Concrete Factory Flooring

Epoxy concrete flooring is highly versatile and cost-effective, providing great durability and various damage resistance benefits while also being very easy to maintain. The lower pricing compared to other options and the range of colours available makes it perfect for many customers.

Like the other epoxy floor, slipping is still a risk, and the price of epoxy concrete flooring can still get quite high depending on the exact type you choose. Specific finishes and protective options may force you to pay more, as does choosing multiple colours to produce distinct borders or warning decals.

Again, this flooring type can vary based on a lot of factors. Prices, project length and floor durability, can all change depending on the kind of epoxy concrete flooring you choose.

Bridgend Polished Concrete Factory Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is one of the most basic options for any industrial space or showroom. The quality of the concrete itself can dramatically change the end result, along with the natural colours of the floor itself, meaning that this is a very varied flooring choice.

Polished concrete is much less expensive than hardwood floors or other similar options, but that pricing also comes with a lack of flexibility. Finishes are often required to protect the concrete from direct damage and high pressure/weight.

This can be a great option for any room where minimal risks are involved, such as a showroom. However, more complex options may be needed if stains and damage are a likely issue since polished concrete is not very versatile on its own.

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Other Flooring Types

Industrial Vinyl Flooring Bridgend

Industrial vinyl flooring is mostly used for office spaces. Vinyl can be hard-wearing under constant foot traffic, with vinyl being used in hallways and other traversal spaces quite often. However, vinyl itself is not always worth using on an industrial floor since most vinyl types are still vulnerable to heavier weights.

Vinyl itself is durable, and properly cared for vinyl surfaces can last for a long time. Vinyl is also easy to install, and maintaining vinyl does not take much effort. Most vinyl types also come in a massive selection of colours, with different vinyl options being able to mix colours for defined spaces or boundaries.

While vinyl is water-resistant and quite strong, vinyl itself is not the best option for an industrial floor. Vinyl can't always stand up to damage, and most vinyl types do not suit production or storage areas. Vinyl is easily damaged, and most vinyl types fade over time, leaving you with weak and decoloured vinyl surfaces.

Hardwood Flooring Bridgend

Hardwood flooring is a niche but useful flooring type that suits certain spaces, usually customer-facing spaces. While our massive selection of floor options only includes a select few wood-based options, they are still something we will occasionally recommend to customers.

Wood floors are ideal for any project where luxury style is important, providing great durability and a nice visual flair. The biggest downside is the lack of protection against indirect damage, such as stains and corrosive chemicals, which often require special finishes to prevent.

This flooring is mostly useful for a customer-facing room, like an office. The high price and the effort required to save it from damage make this a very big investment, but the luxury can be worth the price you pay if you need to impress clients.

Heavy Duty Carpets Bridgend

Industrial carpets are another niche option. Unlike regular carpet flooring, these heavy-duty carpets are designed for durability, handling heavy foot traffic that would wear down a normal carpet quickly. Like wood, carpets are good for showroom spaces and other customer-facing areas or employee offices.

Industrial carpet products are not used very often, but the low purchase price can make carpets a great addition to a showroom or employee space. However, our team will not recommend carpets in most cases since carpet flooring is still quite niche and only used in certain spaces.

Carpets can also include artificial grass, a kind of outdoor carpet. Artificial grass is another example of flooring that does not get used often since not many industrial spaces need grass carpets like this.

Laminate Flooring Bridgend

Laminate is another office-focused flooring that can mimic carpets, wood, and other surfaces well. Laminate is popular for showrooms and store areas, but most laminate types are similar to vinyl - laminate cannot stand up to damage very well.

Thick laminate is used all across the world as a flooring option since it can be a budget replacement for more expensive options. Good laminate can mimic carpets, vinyl, wood and other materials in every way except touch, meaning that it can fit into a lot of spaces but does not bring much protection or durability.

Laminate, like vinyl, is great for design purposes. However, our team will not recommend laminate products very often as a factory floor choice. Despite lower prices, compromising and using laminate instead of a tougher option can put your staff and machines in danger more often.

National Factory Flooring Installation

We offer a massive selection of flooring options to companies all across the UK, from factory floors to industrial store rooms. We understand that flooring is an important part of any space like this, and we are fully equipped to offer the best flooring for each customer.

Our Services

We can offer expert advice, a wide range of products and services, and the experience to help you browse our flooring options properly. From a store-front showroom to a factory floor, we can find the products that suit your needs and stay in line with your personal requirements.

Installation Dates

When customers buy flooring from us, we arrange an installation date as soon as possible. This date is decided between us and our clients - we want our service to be offered at a convenient time for the company. On that date, our installation service team can get your flooring applied. 

Installation Periods

Note that some flooring may take more than one date to fully complete. For example, the installation service may be spread over a three-day-date period since some flooring would take more than a full day to apply properly. More layers or complex designs may require several installation date periods.

Factory Flooring Cost Bridgend

Typically, a standard resin floor installation can cost between £7 and £15 per square meter. However, this price is only for one material type, and the price of each flooring option can vary based on a range of factors.

Factors that might influence your flooring price include:

  • The price of buying the raw materials.

  • Varying prices for sourcing and buying different floor products.

  • The complexity of the installation service.

  • The amount of material needed.

  • The number of staff required to install it.

  • The time until the surface is touch-dry and ready for a finish coat.

  • The number of layers needed.

  • The level of care required in the installation.

  • The number of times we need to visit to measure and inspect the site.

  • The amount of work needed to prepare the area for the new flooring.

A large showroom will push the price higher than a smaller store room, but that price might not just be affected by size. Our experts can give you a free quote for the expected prices of different floor options or even visit to help break down the price further based on your chosen space.

We always try to keep prices fair and help customers save, but there are certain factors that can dramatically alter prices. Each free quote gives customers a free breakdown of the prices involved, and we can give a free quote for each change in price to help you understand which options suit you best.

If you want a free quote about the prices involved or even just a free breakdown of the price estimates that we usually use, contact us today. Our Bridgend experts can put together a free price quote based on your current options and can help you stay within budget without compromising on your preferences.

Benefits of Factory Flooring

Good factory floors can have a huge impact on even a simple showroom. While most are durable (ensuring minimal damage) and non-slip (ensuring employee safety), there are a lot of benefits that this kind of flooring can provide over conventional flooring options.

  • Greater safety

  • Increased durability

  • Better chemical resistance

  • Lower chances of staining

  • Easier clean-up

  • Greater resistance to constant foot traffic

  • Longer-lasting flooring

  • Easier weight management

  • Less frequent maintenance

In general, all of the floorings you browse past on our site will be better than standard flooring options in Bridgend. Factory floor products are designed to bring these core benefits with minimal hassle, meaning that even basic laminate flooring may be better than the flooring you would have at home.

We can sometimes offer samples and examples of what these floor options provide, including samples of different tests and physical samples of the materials. If you need examples or samples of our flooring options, contact us today to arrange a potential visit or discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flooring would you choose for a factory building?

In most cases, you want to buy flooring that looks good when investors visit but can also save your employees and equipment from harm. Touch and style are less important than safety and service quality.

There is not a single best flooring option for each factory space. Samples of different materials are the best place to turn since samples give you literal samples of multiple materials to compare. A huge part of our service involves guiding customers to suitable floor types. Our team can help you find the right flooring for your needs, even if that requires a visit and real-world samples, to give you an idea of how they differ.

What is the flooring called that comes in a roll?

Sheet vinyl is the main flooring that comes in a roll, although this does not always suit factories. Most floor products used in factories are too thick to be included in a roll or are not even a physical product until they are painted/poured.

Our service includes delivering flooring effectively, so we work hard to ensure that we can get the flooring to you in a convenient way. We try to save each customer time by arranging the delivery service in a practical way, working with them to ensure that they get the best service possible.

What is the cheapest flooring to have installed?

The cheapest flooring options are usually things like laminate, but these are not suitable for factory use in many cases. Lower prices often mean lower quality or fewer benefits, something that physical samples can make very clear.

A big part of our service is helping UK customers buy something that suits their needs, balancing prices against things like maintenance service requirements and material strength. We pride ourselves on helping each customer get the flooring that suits their needs without destroying their budget.

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If you want samples of certain materials or a free price quote, contact us today by phone, email, or post to learn more. A quick phone conversation and some samples through the post can be enough to help you understand which kind of flooring might be the best buy for your situation.

If you do not want to rely on a phone conversation, our UK website hosts a huge amount of information. Our website makes it very easy to buy the flooring that suits your needs best, and we work hard to provide it within the week if possible.

We are always happy to provide our service options to new UK customers, so don't hesitate to get in touch. We are open to talking with new customers any working day of the week and do our best to respond to buy orders within the same week.

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