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When it comes to a warehouse, flooring can be an invaluable addition to any space. Not only can good warehouse floor provide a range of core benefits, but they're often suitable for a range of different roles depending on the options you choose.

At The Flooring Installers, we understand how important warehouse flooring can be for creating a safe workplace that can make proper operation of the site much easier.

Who Are The Flooring Installers?

We are a professional UK-based flooring installation company with a deep pool of experience handing industrial flooring, including warehouse flooring and other forms of industrial floor.

Having worked with major industry suppliers, we understand how to deliver the right industrial flooring solutions to our clients based on their needs and requirements. Our experts can find a suitable range of flooring options for any site, allowing customers to find something that suits their business needs best.

Why Use The Flooring Installers?

Our connections to notable suppliers and industry veterans allow us to draw from a huge range of industrial flooring solutions, which includes a long and varied list of warehouse flooring solutions.

Our staff know how to identify the right warehouse floors for each project, offering an industrial floor that can achieve the required smooth surface, high durability and other benefits without issue.

Experienced Warehouse Flooring Installers

Our experience with a range of warehouse flooring solutions has made us experts in the selection, installation and maintenance of many warehouse floor options. We understand how to choose the right warehouse floors for each situation, and can ensure high-quality installation for each one.

With so many different warehouse flooring solutions in stock, we can provide a massive range of warehouse floors for vastly different situations and niches. No matter what you're looking for, we can identify warehouse floors that will fit your requirements - even if that means asking for further information to help define our understanding of what your warehouse needs.

Warehouse Flooring Cost

In general, warehouse flooring can cost between £7 and £15 for every square meter. Of course, this varies based on the warehouse floor itself, the size of the project, the materials you choose, and any additional line marking or other work that needs to be done alongside it. We do our best to keep our prices reasonable, no matter which flooring we're offering.

Warehouse Flooring Types

We offer a wide range of warehouse flooring options, allowing our customers to choose whichever warehouse floors would fit their needs most. From simple smooth flooring solutions to something far more durable and slip-preventative, we can provide bespoke warehouse flooring that's suitable for a range of niche uses.

Warehouse flooring needs to be capable of enduring a lot of punishment whilst also being safe and comfortable for employees to use, often with the added feature of having to support indoor vehicle traffic.

For example, we have a range of warehouse floor tiles that can all be used as heavy-duty flooring. The excellent materials used in your warehouse floor tiles make each tile much easier to maintain, while also allowing them to withstand a lot more wear and tear before showing any obvious signs of damage.

This added strength allows these tiles to surpass many other flooring options, including tile floor choices that may not be suitable for managing heavy loads or supporting vehicle traffic.


We put quality first, whether that's with epoxy resin flooring or simple vinyl surfaces. Using epoxy resin materials as an example, we work hard to install every epoxy resin surface correctly, and take steps to ensure that every epoxy resin floor is prepared in the way right.

Beyond that, we can make sure that every epoxy resin flooring surface is smooth, and that the epoxy resin surface isn't suffering from durability issues. These floors need to endure pallet trucks and constant contact with heavy equipment, and we design floors that can meet those needs.

Even during the installation process, we focus on installing epoxy resin flooring carefully. When we install an epoxy surface, we install that epoxy surface properly, drawing on our own experience with epoxy flooring as well as installing said epoxy materials to get the job done right. These high standards of quality ensure that we can keep your employees safe, and that we always install something that will benefit sites compared to their existing floors.


We can supply a variety of safe flooring solutions, walkways and other surfaces for warehouses. We work to ensure that every one of our flooring solutions is safe for employees, suitable for vehicle traffic, able to resist chemical spills, and properly protected from the day-to-day rigours that most warehouse flooring undergoes. Alongside that, we try to aim for cost-effective solutions whenever possible, working within the client's budget.

All of our commercial and industrial workplace flooring is built with the goal of letting them withstand constant heavy-duty use, creating a safe workplace and allowing raised walkways or ramps to be used without as much risk. Not only do we aim for a safe workplace as often as possible, but we try to achieve a high degree of quality in every part of the process, including the installation.

This kind of quality allows us to provide better warehouse surface options, preventing frequent damage or wear and tear whilst making sure that both employees and equipment can move around properly. When both pedestrian and forklift traffic are involved, we make sure that the warehouse flooring surface we provide is able to keep both of them safe without forcing them to get in the way of one another.

Warehouse Flooring Manufacturers

As some of the UK's top warehouse flooring providers (as well as resin flooring specialists, and experts in a variety of other niches), we have access to a lot of suppliers. We can draw on countless resources to help provide the warehouse flooring you're looking for, whether that means highly specialised bespoke work or replicating a particular kind of resin flooring that you've already been considering in the past.

We can handle the installation process of many different warehouse floor types, as well as associated extra details like expansion joists. During the construction of your new floors, we keep you in the loop about the process of installing it, making sure that you understand how your safe workplace is coming along and whether the construction is on schedule. We try to keep our clients aware of their flooring project, rather than having to guess at when it will be done.

We can also provide markings for existing or new flooring, including:

  • Line marking - general lines that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from floor boundary markings to directing heavy loads to particular places.

  • Floor signage - simple floor signage to direct movements or mark safe areas. This can include distinct pedestrian routes, colour-coded spaces, or even just genera information to help employees move around in the space more effectively.

  • Safe crossing points - markings for safe crossing points that pedestrians can use.

  • Fire exits clear signage - signs and markings to keep fire exits clear and easy to find.

  • Marked pedestrian and forklift traffic separate areas - distinct areas to keep pedestrian and forklift traffic separate from each other when needed.

  • Zebra crossings - general zebra crossings to mark ideal crossing locations within a larger warehouse.

  • Hatched areas -road-style hatched areas used to direct vehicles and mark no-park spots.

If you need further information about anything we offer, get in touch and contact our experts to learn more.

Warehouse Flooring Benefits

Good warehouse flooring can provide a variety of major advantages, many of which make proper operating and management of the site far easier. We try to create well-constructed warehouse flooring that can have a direct positive impact on the client's sites, whether that's through the materials themselves or some post-installation coatings, markings and other features that they may have requested for their warehouses.

In general, a decent set of warehouse flooring can offer:

  • Improved chemical resistance, allowing the surface to remain tough and durable even when covered in chemical spills. Stronger surfaces can even endure corrosive chemicals, allowing them to be cleaned up more effectively.

  • Improved temperature management for dealing with excessive heat and cold.

  • Waterproofing, making stains less of a problem and allowing water to be mopped up easily if any gets in. This can also protect the surface below it, as well as any in-floor equipment or wiring.

  • High durability to manage the day-to-day rigours of proper operation of a warehouse.

  • Easy-to-maintain structures, making it easier for warehouses to avoid having to replace their floors constantly.

  • Enough durability to support and receive high traffic, whether that's high traffic made of just pedestrians or a high traffic environment with both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This can also include heavy-duty equipment, such as transport vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flooring is used in warehouses?

Warehouses often use epoxy floor, or a similarly high-durability flooring option. These are some of the best for handling heavy loads and dealing with hazardous or dangerous conditions.

What type of concrete is used for warehouses?

Warehouse floors often use a variety of base and subbase materials, all of which are durable in different ways. Some concrete floors are more durable for dealing with heavy traffic (mostly heavy forklift use), while other concrete floors may not receive high traffic as well and are better used as concrete floors for stable high bay racking areas.

How thick should a warehouse floor or warehouse floor tiles be?

Most concrete floor options in warehouses need to be about 7 inches thick to be as tough as possible. Epoxy resin (and non-epoxy resin) flooring solutions can have varying thicknesses, since they're tough in different ways based on their chemical components rather than being tough due to raw density like concrete.

What are commercial or industrial flooring solutions called?

Commercial flooring is often known as industrial flooring too. They're basically the same - the only difference is that industrial floor is usually meant for warehouses and spaces that deal with pallet truck use, high bay racking and other heavy-duty industry requirements.

Commercial flooring, meanwhile, is a more general term for any floors used in a commercial space, which can include restaurants and customer-facing storefronts. This can also include industrial floor, but isn't limited to industrial floor.

What is the toughest type of warehouse flooring solutions?

While something like concrete might seem like the toughest surface option, it really depends on what would suit your site most. Concrete flooring can endure a lot of punishment, but may not be as ideal for heavy forklift use or pallet truck use compared to epoxy resin flooring.

Remember that some options can also be used as coatings. Fork trucks may perform better on smooth resin, but that resin flooring can sometimes be overlaid onto concrete to provide a mixture of advantages from both.

Other Services We Offer

We provide a range of other flooring services and options for different spaces, depending on our clients' needs.

Our Airport Flooring is perfect for airport spaces, offering enough comfort and durability to work with high amounts of foot traffic.

Our Commercial Kitchen Flooring is hygienic and easy to clean, allowing food to be prepared in a safer space

Our School Flooring is perfect for keeping both young and older students safe from harm, allowing a school space to be kept clean and safe throughout a range of classes and activates.

We provide a variety of Factory Flooring to keep industrial sites safe for employees, as well as providing the support and stability needed for most equipment to work as expected.

Our Hospital Flooring is designed to help in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, as well as giving medical staff proper footing during emergencies.

We offer Retail Flooring that can be installed in nearly any retail business, depending on what would suit each space.

Our Sports Hall Flooring allows players to stay safe and avoid slipping or tripping during high-activity games and matches.


We can provide our clients with a huge range of flooring options, whether they're looking for something to define pedestrian routes and spaces for pallet trucks or a general-purpose surfacing option that works in any space.

Warehouses have to deal with a lot of wear and tear, from abrasion via constant use of fork trucks to damaged expansion joints. We understand how to produce the right floor option for each client's space, installing any relevant additions like expansion joints or safety features as needed.

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If you want to know any further information about what we offer to our UK customers, then contact us directly to learn more. Our experts are always ready to take on more challenges, or to guide a new customer through the options that may fit their needs best.

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