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Good epoxy resin flooring can make a huge difference to any space, especially in industrial areas where chemical-resistant and hard-wearing flooring is key. At The Flooring Installers, we can provide a huge range of resin floors to our Purdysburn customers, supplying world-class flooring to a variety of industries.

Finding the right epoxy resin flooring can be vital for creating a space that's safe, comfortable, reliable, and easy to use without endangering yourself, your employees or your visiting customers in May 2024.

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Who Are The Flooring Installers?

We are a professional UK flooring installation company with a wide variety of epoxy resin floors in stock. From epoxy resin floors in commercial kitchens to hard-wearing warehouse floors for heavy loads, we can help our Purdysburn clients get the new flooring they need.

We understand how important good flooring can be in an industrial context, and work to provide some of the best epoxy resin flooring in the country. Our variety of flooring systems allows us to provide the ideal epoxy resin flooring for a long list of commercial settings.

Why Use The Flooring Installers?

We stock countless epoxy resin flooring options that are full available to our customers, along with a wide variety of other flooring types as needed. Whether you know which floor types you want or don't even understand which floors would be suitable for your commercial space, we can provide the right epoxy resin floor for your needs.

Our skills and supplier connections allow us to stock high-quality resin flooring for a huge range of commercial settings, industrial plant rooms, and other spaces that require heavy-duty floor types in Purdysburn.

Purdysburn Epoxy Resin Flooring Installers

We have worked with a long list of past clients, providing the ideal epoxy resin floors for their needs. As experts in the world of industrial and commercial flooring, we understand which floor systems are suitable for which situations, and can create the right flooring solution for every client.

Our experts understand a huge variety of different flooring types, with epoxy resin floors being one of our specialties.

Epoxy Resin Flooring Installers in

Epoxy Resin Flooring Cost Purdysburn

Epoxy resin flooring can vary in price for a wide variety of reasons. In general, the average cost of epoxy resin floors ranges between £7 and £15 per metre squared, although some options built specifically for heavy-duty situations can be priced higher.

We work with every client to provide epoxy resin flooring that fits within their budget, suggesting resin floors that won't push them out of their comfort zone.

Epoxy Resin Flooring Installers in

Epoxy Resin Flooring Types

As an epoxy resin flooring company in Purdysburn, we offer a variety of general flooring types, with countless ways to further customise the exact floor you receive.

Floor Coatings Purdysburn

Our floor coatings can be as small as 1mm thick, and are a solvent free, durable alternative to the full epoxy resin flooring we also have in stock. This can allow you to get a chemical-resistant coating on an existing floor surface, from concrete in car parks to the marked flooring in warehouses.

Multi-Layer Flooring Purdysburn

We stock and install multi-layered industrial epoxy resin floors, offering a textured finish and a variety of colours to provide more control over the look of your plant rooms. These work both indoors and outdoors, and can be installed to a range of specifications.

Flow-Applied Flooring Purdysburn

Our flow-applied floor coating can offer seamless, hygienic finishes on existing spaces. This smooth option works well for garages, or other spaces where the floor needs to support vehicles and moving equipment.

Decorative Finishes Purdysburn

We can offer a variety of finishes to improve the look and texture of commercial flooring, something that matters a lot in customer-facing commercial settings. Our epoxy resin flooring can be adapted to fit a variety of styles as needed, and we stock a variety of materials and systems needed to provide a unique finish.

Heavy Duty Resin Floors Purdysburn

We can stock and provide durable epoxy resin floors designed to provide improved chemical resistance and protection. Many of our floors are on par with concrete and cement in terms of strength, and we have various systems to strengthen or reinforce the resin floors during both preparation and installation.

Epoxy Resin Flooring Installers in

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Other Features of our Epoxy Resin Floors

We do our best to stock high-quality resin floors, with our epoxy resin flooring offering a long list of beneficial features. We want to make sure that we're offering the best epoxy resin flooring in Purdysburn.

Anti-Slip Systems

We aim to offer slip-resistant epoxy resin floors whenever possible, using various slip resistance boosting features to keep your employees and customers safe. We pay special attention to slip resistance around stairs and ramps, and can offer slip-resistant options but hard-wearing options for industrial spaces with a lot of verticality.

We also try to boost slip resistance around chemical or water spills. We want our slip resistant epoxy resin floor to remain slip-resistant, even in situations where other floors would become too slippery to use.

High Durability

Our epoxy resin floor options are designed to endure constant wear and tear. We use various techniques to provide full workplace flooring protection and security, as well as maximum durability in as many situation as possible.

Hard-Wearing Materials

Our hard-wearing materials lead to hard-wearing floors, providing greater resistance to wear and tear. This means less damage overall and better protection from industrial hazards, both for employees and the surface beneath the epoxy resin floor.

Low Maintenance

The high durability of our epoxy resin floor (and epoxy resin floor coating) options ensures that they require very low maintenance in Purdysburn. This low-maintenance approach makes them more suitable for industrial and commercial settings that rely on consistent, durable flooring.

Varied Colours

We can provide a long list of epoxy resin flooring colours, allowing you to get the suitable style you're looking for without sacrificing chemical resistance, slip resistance or other beneficial features. In industrial spaces, this can even be used to colour-code areas as needed.

Metallic Finishes

We can use a metallic pigment to provide metallic finishes, offering a glossier look that fits with many industrial areas.

Matte Finishes

Alongside the metallic pigment options are our matte finishes, providing a simpler look for commercial kitchens or customer-facing spaces.

Other Varied Finishes

We try to work with clients to deliver the ideal epoxy resin floor for their needs. This can include a variety of finishes, altering both the colour and style of the surface to create the ideal aesthetic for that space.

This becomes most important in customer-facing commercial settings, where colour and finish can be an important part of your brand identity. From fake marble to smooth coatings, we can give your space the custom finish it needs.

Chemical Resistance

We work to ensure high chemical resistance in all of our epoxy resin floor, but can provide even more chemical-resistant options as needed. If you specifically need something with high chemical resistance, we can find a type of epoxy resin flooring that works.

Improved Slip Resistance

We can also offer an increased focus on slip-resistant qualities, providing floors that can offer a suitable level of safety while still retaining a smooth coating.

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Commercial Epoxy Resin Flooring Purdysburn

We can give our customers a wide variety of commercial epoxy resin floor options, all of which are meant to provide maximum durability and security across a variety of commercial settings. This includes commercial kitchens, stores, restaurant spaces, medical areas, and whatever other commercial businesses our clients run.

We can also create specialised solutions to flooring requirements in specific spaces, such as creating slip-resistant and hard-wearing garage floor for car parks and other drivable areas. Our resin floor options can serve a wide range of purposes, handling the heavy load required of industrial areas while also serving as excellent coatings for garages or other customer-facing businesses.

Domestic Epoxy Resin Flooring Purdysburn

Many of our epoxy resin floor options are also suitable for domestic use, whether those are for a garage floor or an overhauled kitchen. We do our best to provide high-quality resin floor in every situation, keeping our flooring systems flexible to make them suitable for a variety of different locations.

While the preparation of the space itself may be different, most of our epoxy resin floor types are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial areas with few to no changes necessary. Our experts can guide you towards the epoxy resin floor options that meet your needs best, no matter the project or space involved.

Epoxy Resin Flooring Benefits

Our epoxy floor options and floor coating choices carry a huge range of benefits, many of which make them incredibly practical in industrial, commercial and residential buildings alike.


Our epoxy resin floor options in Purdysburn are meant to be affordable, allowing customers to get the industrial-strength floor coatings they need without going over budget.


Our epoxy resin flooring is designed to provide cement-level or concrete-level strength when possible, proving a strong alternative to many other flooring options. Our resin floor offerings can also handle heavy loads or industrial wear and tear without showing any signs of damage.


We work to keep our epoxy resin floor long-lasting, making sure that each of our floors remains safe and consistent after heavy use. This matters a lot in industrial spaces, where a worn-out epoxy resin floor could be a potential hazard.


Our Purdysburn epoxy resin floor options are versatile and easy to adapt, meaning that we can offer epoxy floors in a range of colours and styles. We can create a resin floor coating to layer over concrete, design garage floors in a range of colours, or even prepare floor systems to replace tiles.

Should I Choose Epoxy Resin Flooring?

Epoxy resin is easy to clean, lasts much longer than many other materials, and can be a great investment for commercial and industrial spaces alike. It can also work well as a floor coating for residential buildings, providing a low-cost and low-maintenance floor (or floor coat) that can replace and improve on existing flooring systems.

With proper preparation, installing epoxy resin floor systems is incredibly simple, and we can do it in a huge range of colour options. This makes epoxy resin floors one of the best flooring systems for almost any space that requires extra durability and protection.

Epoxy Resin Flooring vs Polyurethane Resin Flooring

Epoxy resin flooring tends to offer higher durability than polyurethane resin floors, as well as stronger compression strength. It resists damage better, losing the softness of PU coatings in exchange for better overall protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is epoxy resin good for flooring?

Epoxy resin can be a great protective flooring option, working well as floor coatings in garages and other similar spaces. A both standalone floor materials and coatings, epoxy resin is ideal for flooring, especially in industrial and commercial spaces.

How long will an epoxy floor last?

Epoxy resin flooring tends to last between 2 to 3 years of heavy use if left alone. With proper maintenance, though, these flooring systems and coatings can last for up to 10 to 20 years if handled correctly.

Do epoxy floors scratch easily?

Epoxy resin flooring and coatings are designed to not scratch easily, even if used as a single thin coat for other flooring systems.

Is epoxy 100% waterproof?

Epoxy resin is waterproof. However, the way that the flooring/coatings are applied will still matter - even if the epoxy floor is waterproof, seams can still allow water to get to the surface below.

Epoxy Resin Flooring Installers in

Other Services We Offer

Polyurethane Resin Flooring

We have a huge variety of strong and flexible polyurethane flooring choices in stock, available in a range of colours and floor types.

Comfort Flooring

We carry a variety of comfort flooring options in stock, many of which can be adapted to suit the client's needs.

Vinyl Flooring

Our stock includes a massive variety of vinyl flooring options, all of which can be altered with different colour choices, finishes and coatings.

MMA Flooring

The MMA flooring we have in stock can work as an excellent industrial flooring alternative, ideal for warehouses, large garages and other similar spaces.


While epoxy resin flooring isn't the only floor type we have in stock, it's also the part of our stock that matters most to industrial and commercial clients. From kitchen floor coatings to full floors used in garages, we stock and supply a wide range of epoxy resin flooring options.

If you're looking for a specific kind of epoxy resin surface to work with, then our experts can help you find the ideal option for your needs.

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We have a wide variety of epoxy resin floor options in stock in Purdysburn, as well as a huge stock of coatings on offer. If you want to know more about us, our stock of epoxy resin flooring or the kinds of businesses, garages and industrial spaces we serve, contact us today to learn more.

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