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We are a leading floor installation company based in Purdysburn and specialise in provide floor coverings to a range of sectors.

Our company works to provide education flooring solutions to facilities across the country. We provide an extensive range of flooring solutions and floor finishes to many schools in all regions, working to improve education environments for children of varying ages.

We have worked with clients in the education sector in Purdysburn for many years and you can find our floor coverings in schools, universities, colleges and many other educational environments. It is due to this experience that we know what schools require from their flooring and can offer the best solutions available every time.

If you are looking for school flooring, then you have come to the right place. Contact the team today to see how we can help.

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Who Are The Flooring Installers?

The Flooring Installers is a leading floor coverings service based in Purdysburn.

We are a flooring installation service that specialises in education flooring and works with educational establishments across the nation. We aim to provide the best flooring for schools in all areas, including classrooms, corridors and even sports halls.

With a range of floor coverings on offer, we can work with all clients and meet the needs of all educational facilities. We work to provide flooring made of the best materials and have a variety of finishes and designs available.

Our company works to install flooring in all kind of sectors and establishments, with a specialist service for education clients.

Why Use The Flooring Installers?

If you are looking for school flooring, then you have come to the right place as we are a leading installer of education flooring in Purdysburn.

Our company has many years of experience working to provide flooring for schools, colleges and universities which means we know what our clients need. You can find our work in many schools across the country as we are a leading supplier.

Not only do we provide flooring for schools made from the top materials, ensuring they are hard wearing, easy to clean, and comfortable, but we also offer expert installation. We work with accredited installers to ensure that our flooring is installed to be suitable for your needs.

Experienced School Flooring Installers

We are a leading school flooring company that has been working in this sector for many years.

Our company offers a range of education flooring, working with all kinds of facilities including nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. We provide flooring for schools that can be used in all areas, from sports halls to dining areas, to provide safe environments for students of all ages.

We work with the best manufacturers of education flooring in the UK, ensuring we can provide all the floors that our schools need. With varying finishes, colours and design options as well as flooring types available we have the right solution for you.

Our company can provide expertise on anything you need related to flooring. We work to meet health and safety standards across the UK, as well as ensuring our products are energy efficient. Not only do we install flooring, but we also manufacture our products across the UK.

If you are looking for new flooring for schools in Purdysburn, please contact the team today and see how we can help.

School Flooring Cost Purdysburn

The average cost of education flooring installation in the UK can vary between £400 and £1000 on average.

The price of flooring installation can vary based on multiple factors, including:

  • type of flooring used

  • size of the area

  • location of school

We also offer a range of colours and design options, which can contribute to the cost of flooring installation. We aim to provide a range of flooring systems to ensure we can work with all clients and have a UK based supply.

To request a quote and learn more about the cost of our services, please contact the team today.

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School Flooring Types

We have a range of flooring systems available for our clients in the education sector in Purdysburn, ensuring we can meet the needs of all our clients.

We have a great supply of flooring for schools available and offer varying types, which can be used across the school and in many rooms. From dining areas to classrooms, we have the right flooring for you.

Our company offers the following types of flooring for schools in Purdysburn:

  • Carpet tiles

School carpets are commonly used in reception areas and classrooms, which means they need to handle high levels of foot traffic as well as looking good.

This is why we use carpet tiles for school floors because this is a durable material that can come in a range of colours and designs, fitting in with your school colours, as well as being an attractive solution for these areas.

Carpet tiles are a cost effective flooring solution that can be easily installed in many areas of the school like school entrances, classrooms, and receptions areas creating a comfortable environment that is cheap to maintain. This kind of floor is suitable for a range of businesses in the education sector, including schools, nurseries, and universities.

  • Vinyl flooring

We can install vinyl tiles in various areas throughout your school, providing an attractive and safe environment that offers low maintenance.

Vinyl is one of the most popular floor solutions for an educational environment because it is cost-effective, easy to install and durable. It can come in a range of colours and finishes, as well as offering slip resistance when required. It is a low-maintenance flooring solution that is easy to keep clean, making it ideal for busy areas such as corridors and entrances of schools.

Vinyl is a tough material that can handle heavy foot traffic and is easy to clean, helping to meet the hygiene standards required in this environment. We install this kind of flooring to meet health and safety standards for the sector, protecting both students and staff at all times.

  • Linoleum

This floor is similar to vinyl but is usually installed in sheets, meaning whole floors can be covered with one installation. Like vinyl, lino floors are also hard wearing and easy to maintain in terms of hygiene standards.

Linoleum is also slip resistant meaning it is an idea floor solution for sports halls and similar high traffic areas, where safety is crucial for children. Likewise, this kind of flooring is commonly used in corridors and entrances not only in schools, but universities, colleges and other busy areas because of this reason.

Vinyl and linoleum are ideal for high traffic areas like this and can be easy to install. This can of floor, like vinyl, can offer good acoustic properties to lead to better learning in the classroom. This flooring can be installed over existing flooring, making the process easier and quicker to complete.

With a range of finishes available for both our vinyl and lino systems, you can choose the best appearance for your school. From stone and wood appearances, which can enhance the natural beauty of your facility, to bright colours we aim to create the perfect flooring solution for your needs.

  • Rubber

There are many benefits that come with rubber flooring for schools. Similar to vinyl, this material is suitable for high traffic areas and can provide stability to children whether they are running or walking.

Rubber is commonly used in sports halls and other busy areas because it is slip resistant. This kind of material can offer additional benefits too, including its great acoustic properties as well as producing low emissions meaning it is safe for all students.

We use a range of materials for our flooring in Purdysburn to ensure we can provide the best solution to our clients. We manufacture our floors in the UK ensuing they meet the national standards and are installed by our expert team every time.

To see the previous work we have done and learn more about the products we offer, please check out the case studies on our website. If you are interested in getting new floor for classrooms, corridors or other locations within the school then please contact the team today.

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School Flooring Manufacturers

Our company not only works to provide expert installation of flooring in classrooms and similar environments, but we also work to manufacture our products as well.

As we have been working in the education for many years we understand what our clients require use this to inform what we manufacture. We work to create hard wearing solutions that are not only attractive, but low maintenance, efficient and suitable for heavy traffic areas.

Check out the case studies on our website to learn more about the flooring we create.

School Flooring Benefits

As we have been working with those in education for many years, we understand the needs of our clients well and aim to create the best floors for them every time.

The education sector is vast and there are a lot of people involved, which means our flooring needs to be versatile and durable. Our flooring also offer benefits such as:

  • Hard wearing

  • Easy to maintain

  • Great acoustic properties to lead better listening

  • Varying colours, designs and finishes

  • Expert installation

Our company is one of the leading providers of education floors in the UK. We provide the flooring used by thousands of students and teachers in all regions and aim to offer the best service every time.

To work with us, please contact the team in Purdysburn today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flooring for a school?

The best education flooring can vary based on the location within the school. All education floors will offer durability, stability and comfort ensuring it can be used by students and teachers alike for many years.

What kind of tile is in most schools?

We offer both carpet and linoleum tiles to be installed in schools, based on the environment.

What are school floor standards?

These are outlined by the local authority in charge of the school and cover various areas, including health and safety, energy efficiency and even design requirements. The requirements vary based on the education facility and we work to meet our clients specific requirements.

What flooring prevents slipping and falling?

Flooring such as rubber, linoleum and vinyl are made to be slip resistant and can offer this protection.

What is school tile called?

Vinyl is the most common school tile and there are two main types - luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl composite tiles.

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We are a leading flooring installation service that specialises in educational flooring in Purdysburn. Our company offers expert installation and provides a variety of flooring types to meet all needs.

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